Navigating the Cloud access security brokers market

As digital transactions and online activities continue to increase, more businesses are using Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs).

Ensuring the security of cloud-based applications and services is now more critical than ever, especially as vast swathes of data are now being collected and processed.

With the overall reliance on cloud technologies continuing to expand, the cloud access security brokers market has become a more competitive arena. Increased competition means that buyers and users have more to consider when purchasing and understanding their options.

Our expert buyer’s guide is written and designed to provide a detailed overview  of what the cloud access security brokers market has to offer.

Additionally, we examine what buyers should be looking for to ensure that their business’s cloud access security is robust and reliable, as well as flexible and scalable.

Understanding Cloud access security broker solutions

Cloud Access Security Brokers are a pivotal part of any digital ecosystem security infrastructure.

As the security policy enforcement point, it is located between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers. This serves to combine and interject enterprise security policies as cloud-based resources are accessed, adding another layer of online protection.

If the best solution is selected, cloud access security can help organisations extend the reach of their security policies. This extends to beyond their own infrastructure to the cloud, extending access security.

Principal audience and buyer’s guide beneficiaries

Our buyer’s guide is tailored for businesses that utilise cloud services. We also outline considerations for organisations looking to enhance their cloud access security measures, detailing features and functionalities to look for.

Though other parties could benefit from our content, it is of particular use to professionals including IT managers, security professionals, and procurement teams within organisations of all sizes.

When selecting cloud access security vendor brokers, our guide offers both advice and industry information that helps buyers make informed decisions.

Key considerations for Cloud access security buyers

With the profusion of cloud access security brokers now present in the market, it is important to make informed decisions. For buyers, this is particularly critical, which is why we are detailing a few of the key considerations.

Comprehensive visibility for Cloud access security

Ensuring that a cloud access security platform provides complete visibility is essential.

All cloud services and user activities should be visible and your system should also offer a range of more granular details about transactions and user behaviour, all of which is valuable for organisation.

Data security

All cloud access systems should include a robust data protection element.

Numerous elements should be incorporated into robust data protection features, including high-end encryption, tokenisation, and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to name a few.

Cloud access security threat protection

Adaptive access control is a major consideration when buying cloud access security.

As cloud access security brokers will attest, having real-time threat detection to protect against malware and other cyber threats is more critical than ever as online activity and data collection increase.

Cloud access security compliance management

When you are researching cloud access security brokers, make sure that they offer your organization a platform that provides the ability to comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS.

Identity and access management

Most companies have an existing and often complex digital ecosystem. With multiple software and systems already in play, cloud access security integration is critical.

Your chosen system should offer full and seamless integration with existing identity management solutions, something that is of paramount importance for streamlined user authentication and access controls.

Scalability and performance

Business growth requires an in-build scalability in any digital system. When researching your cloud access security options, ensure that they have the capability and functionality to scale with your business growth, all without compromising on performance or efficiency.

User experience

One of the golden rules for any cloud access security broker is that productivity should never be slowed, hindered, or compromised. Maintaining the balance between security and user convenience is key.

Leading Cloud access security broker solutions

When evaluating cloud access security broker vendors, consider the following leading solutions, being sure to research each one thoroughly to ensure they offer what your business needs.

Latest technological advancements in Cloud access security

Machine Learning: Enhanced anomaly detection and adaptive access controls powered by machine learning algorithms are becoming more sophisticated.

Zero Trust Security: Improved implementation of zero trust models is ensuring that trust is never assumed and must be continually verified in real-time.

API Security: Advances in API protections, designed to secure the communication between apps and services, are constantly emerging.

Multi-Cloud Support: Buyers should always research and, ultimately, select solutions that provide consistent security policies across multiple cloud platforms and systems.

Cloud access security brokers: Our conclusion

Selecting the right Cloud Access Security Broker is a pivotal decision for any organisation looking to secure its cloud environment and ensure greater security across a digital ecosystem.

By considering the factors outlined in our expert buyer’s guide it should be easier to make an informed and propitious decision.

By evaluating all the leading solutions in the market, businesses can ensure they choose a cloud access security broker solution that clearly aligns with their security requirements and business objectives both now and during future growth.


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