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March 10, 2020updated 11 Mar 2020 11:52am

Informatica’s new CEO wants to double revenue in two years

By Robert Scammell

Newly appointed Informatica CEO Amit Walia has ambitious plans for the enterprise cloud data management firm – to double its revenue during the “next couple of years”.

The US-headquartered company, which offers data integration products to businesses – such as data visualisation, data masking and data replica tools – appointed Informatica stalwart Walia in January this year.

In his first interview with UK media, he told Verdict that his main goal as Informatica CEO is to double the revenue levels of the company since it was taken private in 2015, in a deal worth $5.3bn.

“We want to basically accelerate our growth, be a lot bolder, keep customer success and loyalty even bigger in our mind, and double the company,” he said.

In 2019 Informatica reported revenue of $1.3bn, while in its final year as a public company its revenue stood at $1.05bn.

During the past four years, Informatica shifted from selling its software on a licence basis to a cloud subscription-oriented business model.

This step-change was overseen by Walia’s predecessor, Anil Chakravarthy, who also took the helm during the company buyout.

But with the subscription model now established, Walia’s focus is on driving up revenues that have only grown marginally since its pre-private days.

His growth strategy is to ensure Informatica is “maniacally focused” on addressing any pain points for customers, which he breaks down into four areas: cloud modernisation and transformation, “all things digital transformation”, “reinventing and transforming customer experiences” and data governance and privacy.

Informatica CEO: EMEA a “big growth area” for us

Informatica has “almost doubled” its customer count in the past couple years, Walia said, but the majority of its revenue in 2019 – $1bn out of $1.3bn – stemmed from recurring customers.

Walia, who joined Informatica in 2013 and most recently held the role of president of product and marketing, recognises that bringing in new customers will be key to achieving his ambitious revenue goals.

“It’s not just existing customers,” he said. “Our vector of growth is existing customers and new customers… expanding our existing offerings with existing customers, to new offerings with new customers – as well as existing customers.”

While Informatica has been established in EMEA for some years, Walia sees it as a “big growth area”, citing increased investment in countries including France, Germany and the UK.

“Similarly, in Asia Pacific we are doubling down even more in Japan and parts of Asia,” he added. “So international markets are a big area of our focus.”

Walia also sees “a ton of growth” available in lower to middle-market companies.

“Accelerating” product innovation and ensuring they provide value for customers is also high in Walia’s list of priorities. Over the past three years, Informatica has invested in its AI engine, CLAIRE, which automates much of the heavy lifting around metadata and data governance.

He added that he wants to continue partnering with “hyperscalers” such as Microsoft and AWS, in addition to “other technology innovators like Databricks, Snowflake, Tableau, Salesforce.com and the Cloudera’s of the world”.

According to analytics firm and Verdict parent company GlobalData, Informatica ranks as one of the leading private companies in the big data market, alongside firms such as Delphix and Qlik.

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