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May 30, 2017updated 05 Jun 2017 4:22pm

Kinder Joy eggs are coming to the US — here’s how Ferrero made it happen

By GlobalData Consumer

Kinder Joy eggs — Italian chocolatier Ferrero’s toy-in-a-chocolate similar to the well known Kinder Surprise — will soon be available in the US due to a change to the classic design.

Safety regulations previously prevented the sale of the Kinder Joy in the US because the plastic toy capsule — which is inside the chocolate egg and itself houses a toy — was considered a choking hazard.

The Kinder Joy egg – which launches in the US next year – overcomes these safety challenges.

Rather than the plastic toy being hidden inside the chocolate; the Kinder Joy egg comes in two distinct sealed halves.

One half contains a milk creme and cocoa filling; while the other half contains the toy.

The chocolate and toy combination synonymous with the Kinder brand is sure to hold strong appeal to American parents looking for exciting treats for their children.

Indeed, 79 percent of US parents surveyed by GlobalData in 2016 claim to buy new varieties of chocolate regularly; well above the average of 70 percent among all US consumers.

The adjustment in design for the US markets demonstrates how global brands can adapt innovation to target the needs of specific markets; and should help Ferrero gain foothold in a high-potential market.

The launch comes as the brand pushes to gain share in the lucrative US chocolate market which, according to GlobalData research, was worth $20.6bn in 2016; and is forecast to grow by 3.9 percent between 2016-2021.

While Ferrero features among the top five chocolate brands globally, its performance lags behind in the US; currently ranking outside the top ten brands.

Ferrero’s US expansion plans do not stop with the Kinder egg.

The brand is opening the first Nutella themed cafe in the US in Chicago next week; serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a chocolate-hazelnut twist.