M2M/IoT and 5G advancements in Italy are driving the transformation of the country’s digital landscape. Major operators such as TIM, Vodafone, and WINDTRE are actively deploying 5G, rapidly expanding coverage in major cities. This lays the groundwork for high-speed connectivity and fosters innovation across the industrial sector. Italy is embracing M2M/IoT technology in various sectors, including smart cities, agriculture, and industry. MNOs smart city initiatives such as TIM Urban Genius, are enhancing traffic flow and waste management. Vodafone is providing smart building energy-efficient solutions, while WindTre is offering precision agriculture solutions that improve crop yields.

While the adoption rates are increasing, some challenges hinder nationwide coverage and IoT access. These challenges include infrastructural gaps in rural areas, regulatory complexity, and an uneven market landscape. To address these issues, the European Commission approved the ‘Italian Strategy for Ultra Broadband towards the Gigabit Society’ in May 2021. They allocated $7.3bn to provide gigabit connectivity nationwide by 2026. In June 2022, the Italian Government awarded a contract to the consortium of TIM and Vodafone’s INWIT for the deployment of open-access 5G networks in rural areas by June 2026.