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September 20, 2017

Netflix on Nintendo Switch? A new rumour says it’s coming soon

By Jack Rear

Last week, Verdict wrote at length on the success of the Nintendo Switch in its first six months. It’s had a good run so far and the future looks bright.

However, there’s still one issue that sticks in the throat of Nintendo Switch owners: the lack of streaming options. The Xbox One, PS4, and even the Wii U have a wealth of streaming options. Meanwhile the poor old Nintendo Switch can’t access Netflix.

Of course, for the majority, smart TVs and devices like TV dongles are so common that this hasn’t been too much of an issue.

That said, a Switch version of Netflix would be pretty awesome. Watching Stranger Things on your TV when you need to make dinner?

Just undock the Switch and carry on watching seamlessly? Enjoying a wide-screen viewing of Daredevil but need the loo? Undock the Switch and take it with you.

So far, all of that has been a mere fantasy. Perhaps Netflix didn’t want to waste their energy and money developing an app for the Switch’s launch after the Wii U did poorly. Maybe they were waiting to see how things went before they threw their weight behind the console.

Or, maybe the seamless undocking process between the handheld and console modes caused Netflix some difficulty.

Or perhaps they’re including some kind of download functionality so fans could take their favourite Netflix shows on the go with them. We don’t know.

The last that was heard of it was months ago, when Nintendo said they were still talking to Netflix about the issue.

Well, according to a new rumour, those talks have concluded successfully.

Netflix is locked and loaded

GoNintendo user KamehamehaX reports that during a conversation with a Netflix customer service rep, a very interesting tidbit came up.

Apparently the representative revealed that a Netflix app for the Nintendo Switch is ‘locked and loaded’. It seems that Netflix are just waiting for Nintendo’s approval to publish it on their eShop. So, come on Nintendo, what are you waiting for?

Of course, you should definitely take this rumour with a big pinch of salt.

Neither Nintendo nor Netflix has actually said either way on the issue. Still, with the Switch’s success and Netflix’s willingness to make apps for so many game systems, surely it’s just a matter of time, right?

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