June 2, 2020

OK Group launches vast China-focused blockchain recruitment and training scheme

By Lucy Ingham

OK Group, a key blockchain company and operator of the OKCoin cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of what it calls a “blockchain talent development scheme”, focusing on building skills and growing jobs in the Chinese blockchain industry.

The scheme, dubbed OK Recruit, will see OK Group create “hundreds” of blockchain industry jobs, particularly in the areas of applications, development and research.

Roles the company is set to create include senior java engineer (blockchain), blockchain development engineer and senior iOS development engineer.

It will also train over 1,000 people in China as “blockchain elites” over the next three years, through a number of partnerships with Chinese universities.

The organisation will also establish a fund to train people in the blockchain industry, in a bid to lure talent from across the field of technology.

OK Group furthers blockchain industry might in China and beyond

Although its official headquarters is in San Francisco, OK Group was established in China, and describes itself as “the world’s leading blockchain enterprise”. Its primary focus is in Asia, with offices in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Its sole presence in Europe is in Malta.

The company has focused particularly on building its presence in and contributing to the growth of the Chinese blockchain industry, having established several blockchain research institutions, including the OK Blockchain Business School and the $140m Asia Pacific Innovation Center.

It has also begun to invest in other companies, including blockchain artificial intelligence company Wuhan CocoBull Technology.

Despite being very wary about cryptocurrency, China has placed considerable focus on blockchain, with many companies in the nation building their future development on a policy known as ABCD: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud and big data.

Blockchain is also being characterised as OK Group as being more resilient to the fallout from the coronavirus than other parts of the technology industry.

“As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread globally, many technology companies have been severely affected and even started to lay off employees,” the company wrote,

“Given that, it’s unusual for companies to conduct such large-scale recruitment at this moment, which also [implies] a strong development momentum of the blockchain industry.”

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