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March 11, 2021updated 28 Jan 2022 11:18am

Abu Dhabi forms company to support food security

Government holding company ADQ has formed a new company called Silal to support food security in Abu Dhabi. 

MEED reports that the company will diversify food sources and increase locally grown, raised and manufactured food.   

Silal’s activities will include the management of offtake programmes and strategic food reserves.  

According to MEED, the company will also implement knowledge-transfer programmes related to desert farming technology and other research and development projects to support an increase in the local production of fruits and vegetables from small farmers in the UAE. 

“The creation of Silal helps to ensure that the UAE population has access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food at affordable prices. Silal also complements ADQ’s existing investments in the food and agriculture sector as we seek to expand this important economic cluster,” said chief investment officer at ADQ, Khalifa Sultan al-Suwaidi. 

Production and distribution

Jamal Salem al-Dhaheri has been appointed as the company’s CEO. “Through a number of programmes and initiatives, Silal will facilitate sustained production, sourcing and distribution of essential foods in Abu Dhabi for the benefit of retailers, farmers and the community,” he said. 

ADQ acquired a 50 per cent stake in Al-Dahra Holding Company, a multinational agribusiness specialising in animal feed and essential food commodities earlier this year. Agthia and Al-Foah, which produce a range of food and beverages, are also part of ADQ’s food and agriculture portfolio through Senaat. 

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