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Giacomo Lee is Themes Editor for the Verdict Network. He has covered tech, innovation and B2B for the BBC, New Statesman Media Group, IDG and more.

Where the metaverse is already reality: Will gaming finally go Cloud in 2022?

The metaverse is here – in gaming. But will that reality finally kickstart cloud gaming in 2022?

Google sues South Korea regulators in Android anti-trust wrangle

Google is suing South Korea’s regulator to reverse a fine received for forcing phone manufacturers to use its Android OS.

Ocado shares fall as robot uprising fails in ROI terms

Ocado saw its shares fall steeply after financial results revealed pre-tax losses stemming from its robotics investments.

SoftBank to take Arm public as Nvidia deal finally collapses

SoftBank will bring chip design subsidiary Arm public following the collapse of its troubled acquisition deal with Nvidia.

Digital currencies: How to be more China, less El Salvador

Verdict presents a roundtable of views on how digital currencies can be implemented and the likely future for cryptocurrencies and CBDCs.

Tough break, Son: SoftBank looks to sell Alibaba shares as Arm deal bogs down

Alibaba registered one billion American depositary shares (ADS) on Friday, in a sign that a troubled SoftBank may be selling its shares in the Chinese tech giant.