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What the latest GlobalFoundries’ deal means for US chipmakers

The $1.5bn in funding will help GlobalFoundries (GF) expand its Malta campus in New York.

Microsoft to invest €3.2bn in Germany in the next two years

Microsoft is to invest $3.44bn (€3.2bn) in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Germany, following $6bn in pledges for AI and computing in Australia and the UK last year.

Intel seeks $2bn funding for Ireland chip plant

Intel’s decision to raise $2bn in funding for its new chip plant in Ireland comes at a time when the EU is stepping up competition against the US in the field of semiconductors.

TikTok to invest €12bn in Europe

TikTok has said the investment will help it to set new standard for security and sustainability through Project Clover.

Foxconn to invest a further $1.5bn in India

Foxconn plans to double its number of jobs in India, with the company having reported an 11% jump in net profits for Q3 2023.

Nissan to invest £3bn in its UK business

Nissan has 7,000 UK employees, with its plant in Sunderland supporting 30,000 jobs across the UK supply chain.

Egypt greenlights first hyper-scale data centre to support AI development

FDI inflows to Africa, including Egypt, dropped by 47% in 2022, according to UNCTAD.

BMZ to open battery production site in North Macedonia

German battery manufacturer BMZ will open a new factory in Skopje, North Macedonia, the company’s fifth global production site.

Lithuania opens laser laboratory in Taiwan

The collaboration between Lithuania and Taiwan has continued with a laser laboratory being opened in the Asian country.

Hyundai and LG to invest $2bn in Georgia EV battery plant

Hyundai and LG’s joint investment in Bryan County in the US state of Georgia will create a 30 gigawatt-hour facility and 400 new jobs.