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September 30, 2021updated 23 Dec 2021 4:45am

5G spectrum auction will boost mobile subscriptions in Brazil

By GlobalData Technology

To support 5G development in the country, in August 2021, the Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts (Tribunal de Contas da Uniao, TCU) green-lighted the country’s long awaited multi-band 5G spectrum auction.

The auction, which will include frequencies in the 700MHz, 2.3GHz, and 3.5GHz bands, as well as the 26GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) band, is expected to take place in October 2021.

The total number of mobile subscriptions in Brazil will reach 238.4 million by year-end 2021, accounting for a large share of 31.9% of the total mobile subscriptions in Latin America region.

Over the next five years, total mobile subscriptions will grow at a CAGR of 2.5% and MNOs will add a combined 30.7 million subscriptions, bringing the country’s total mobile subscriptions to 269.2 million by 2026.

4G will be leading mobile technology with 77.4% share of the total mobile subscriptions in 2021. However, we expect its share to drop, reaching 75.5% of the total mobile subscriptions by 2026, due to subscribers’ migration to 5G services. With telcos like TIM and Claro having already launched 5G services, we expect 5G subscription to grow rapidly and account for 14.4% share by 2026.