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October 3, 2017updated 27 Jan 2022 2:12pm

Finland uses far more mobile data than anywhere else in Europe. Here’s why

By GlobalData Technology

People in Finland are getting through up to 10 times more mobile data each month than their European neighbours.

Last year mobile data used per person each month in Finland averagedt 8.7 gigabytes (GB), compared with Austria at 3.7GB, Italy at 1.5GB, France at 1.1GB, and Germany at 833MB.

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The reason the country gets through so much data is that it is one of the few countries where operators offer unlimited data plans.

This is going to continue to soar, according to GlobalData forecasts, with average monthly data used set to hit 18GB by 2022.

Operators in Finland are investing heavily on 4G network coverage in order to meet the high demand for mobile video and music streaming

Elisa, Finland’s biggest operator, and DNA, the third operator, recorded data use of 13GB per month, per user in 2017.

Average mobile data usage for Elisa was around 9GB per user but is expected to reach 16GB by 2022 and overtake DNA’s position.

Even though DNA is behind Elisa and Telia Sonera in terms of market share based on subscriptions in 2017, the operator’s 4G network is already covering 99 percent of the Finnish population.

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