Financial technology — often shortened to fintech — is a fast moving industry. That means influential voices — both online and in the real world — have a big effect on its future direction.

Verdict — in association with GlobalData Financial Services — has put together the top 100 fintech influencers on Twitter. Get in touch with GlobalData for the full report and analysis.

We’re also championing women in the industry — We’ve pulled out the top ten women influencers in fintech, which you can see here.

1) Jim Marous

Keynote speaker
Influencer Score: 100

2) Spiros Margaris

Venture capitalist
Influencer score: 98

3) Chris Gledhill

CEO & co-founder
Influencer score: 95

4) Sebastien Meunier

Influencer score: 94

5) Andreas Staub

Managing partner
Influencer score: 93

6) Devie Mohan

Keynote speaker
Influencer score: 90

7) Florian Graillot

Venture capitalist
Influencer score: 90

8) Brett King

Influencer score: 89

9) Danielle Guzman

Global leader
Influencer score: 87

10) Simon Cocking

Senior editor
Influencer score: 86