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September 7, 2017updated 27 Jan 2022 2:14pm

The gluten-free craze has arrived in Asia and it’s booming

By GlobalData Consumer

People in Asia are more likely to find gluten-free labels appealing than the global average, according to a recent GlobalData survey.

It showed 64 percent of people in Asia typically buy products with gluten-free claims, well above the global average of 49 percent.

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While the gluten-free trend is often considered a Western craze, it is also taking Asia by storm.

People in Asia attribute healthy benefits to gluten-free products despite there being no scientific evidence for it people have a positive health perception of gluten-free.

Thee most common reason for buying gluten-free food and drink is because people (almost 40 percent) believe food and drink products labelled as gluten-free are healthier.

This figure is higher than in Europe, where the gluten-free trend is in a mature stage.

This suggests there is room to innovate and those with gluten intolerance are no longer solely the target for manufacturers.

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