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April 27, 2017

Humans and robots will work together in Amazon’s new UK fulfilment centres

Amazon has announced it will create 1,200 new jobs at a new fulfilment centre in Warrington, UK.

Whilst it’s great to see international companies creating new business and jobs in the UK since Brexit, the interesting thing about the new centre and another new base in Tilbury, is that they will be equipped with advanced Amazon Robotics technology.

The new cohort of staff will work alongside the robots, which will slide under a tower of shelves where products are stowed, before lifting the requested product and moving it through the fulfilment centres. The tech helps speed order processing time, reduces walking time by employees around the centre, and reduces the time taken to pick up items for orders.

As well, and this will be crucial in a warehouse, the robots save space, meaning 50 percent more items can be stowed per square foot.

Amazon’s director of UK customer fulfilment, Stefano Perego said:

“The introduction of Amazon Robotics in Warrington and Tilbury is the latest example of our commitment to invention in logistics on behalf of our employees and our customers.”

This trend of warehouse robots is on the rise. According to the Federation of Robotics, there will be around 1.3m industrial robots working in factories around the world next year. Developments in technology mean that the automotive industry, in particular, will expand its usage of automotive workers.

Neil Gallant, managing director of electronic repair specialists Neutronic Technologies, told Verdict:

“Developing robotics is the next stage in our search for automation. We already have automation integrated into so many aspects of our daily lives, from doors that open due to motion sensors, to assembly lines and automobile production, robotics is simply the next step along that path.

“We are living in exciting times where we are able to witness such developments taking place.”

Amazon said it was increasing the size of its UK fulfilment centres in order to keep up with customer demand online and enable SMEs selling on its Marketplace platform to scale their business.