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September 21, 2020updated 28 Sep 2020 8:35am

AWS continues the fight to win back JEDI award

By GlobalData Technology

The JEDI wars continue on terra firma.  Amazon didn’t waste any time to raise its continued objections after the US Department of Defense (DOD) disclosed it was once again awarding the highly sought after multi-billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) to Microsoft.

Posting a blog titled “Why we will continue to protect this politically corrupted contract award,” Amazon Web Services (AWS) outlined some of the issues with both the initial award and the re-evaluation processes.

The AWS blog didn’t mince words, decrying the procurement as plagued by blatant errors, ethics violations, and political interference from the highest office.

AWS expressed serious reservations that the “JEDI contract award creates a dangerous precedent that threatens the integrity of the federal procurement system,’’ adding others have raised red flags about a trend of defense officials taking action to “please the President, rather than do what’s right”

AWS also dismissed the DOD’s re-evaluation as “nothing more than an attempt to validate a flawed, biased, and politically corrupted decision.”  The cloud giant noted a pattern of President Trump removing “perceived political threats” from their positions, noting the demotion of the Acting DOD Inspector General Glenn Fine days before the release of a report investigating potential ethics violations during  the procurement.