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Defining the relationship

Arrangements between lessors and vendors to provide point-of-sale finance for products are nothing new, but as customer needs change, lessors must balance revenue priorities with customer demands, and…

Phoenix risen from the ashes

Grant Collinson talks with Rich Green, president of CIT International, about his business’s recovery from bankruptcy, his market focus, and his relationship with the broker community…

Scope for growth in China

The pace of economic growth may have slowed, but its relative immaturity leaves plenty of scope for continued expansion of leasing in China, writes Paul Golden…

Agricultural capital

Having signed some lucrative deals with some of Europes biggest agriculture equipment manufacturers over the past two years including Kverneland, Berthoud, Grimme and Vaderstad, it is clear GE Capita…

Long, dark night

Therefore, when eurozone ministers reached a preliminary agreement on 28 June to use a central fund to bailout struggling banks in the single currency zone, Leasing Life took the opportunity to reach …

Taking the bull by the horns

The bailout of Spanish banks by the eurozone countries, which has been estimated initially at 100bn but could end up totalling 300bn, will not have a direct impact on the countrys leasing industry.…

Captive audience

Fred Crawley interviews the man at the helm of the Captives Forum to find out how a quarterly conversation between friends became an international lobbying movement The fervour surrounding bank vendor…

Low country lessor rides high

The global lessor took a 51% jump in profit the most significant gain across all of parent group Rabobanks business divisions a 12% growth in income and an 8.3% increase in total portfolio…

Editor’s letter: Sustaining momentum

Is there a basic incompatibility between an economic model based on perpetual growth and a social model founded on sustainability? Its certainly far too big a question to tackle in its entirety on pag…

The burden of office

Office equipment leasing is a 16bn business in Europe and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is the dominate force in the market With one new office equipment leasing transaction started every working minu…

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