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July 10, 2017updated 27 Jan 2022 2:18pm

Mobile advertising revenue is going to overtake desktop advertising this year

By GlobalData Technology

Last year almost $80bn was spent in mobile advertising, making up 45 percent of all digital advertising revenue.

But this year mobile advertising will for the first time take the lion’s share of revenue, surpassing desktop advertising to hit 52 percent of the total spend.

The digital advertising migration will continue to mobile over the next few years and will likely almost triple by 2021, reaching a whopping $231bn globally according to the latest GlobalData research.

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Digital advertising revenues hit $179bn in 2016, accounting for over 35 percent of the total media advertising market and it’s going to balloon to over $200bn this year, climbing to $315bn by 2021.

The explosive growth in mobile advertising is due to several factors. Mobile ads can be better targeted to specific audiences based on the mobile apps they use and more people are watching videos on their phones and tablets.

Meanwhile, advertisers are putting more effort into engaging users through videos and interactive ads.