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February 8, 2019updated 07 Feb 2019 6:37pm

Finland’s landmark basic income experiment data / Arconic financial results / The Lancet on gender equality

By Lucy Ingham


Good morning, here’s your Friday morning briefing to set you up for the day ahead. Look out for these three things happening around the world today.

Finland announces landmark basic income experiment results

Preliminary results of an ongoing experiment taking place in Finland on the impact of basic income are being published today.

In the high-profile experiment, implemented by the Finnish Government, 2,000 randomly-selected unemployed citizens are given €560 a month, regardless of whether they found or were seeking employment.

The results should offer valuable insight into the implications of offering a basic income for employment income level and wellbeing, both in Finland and the rest of the world.

The experiment was first implemented in 2017–2018 and is ongoing. A more extensive study report on the first year of the experiment will be completed in spring 2019.

The seminar will be held on 8 February between 8.30 and 10.30 EET. The event will be broadcast live.

Grenfell cladding seller Arconic announces financial results

The US manufacturing company that provided cladding to Grenfell, the London tower block that caught fire and resulted in the deaths of 72 people, announces its latest earnings today.

A BBC investigation found that the company’s cladding failed to meet safety standards originally claimed by Arconic.

At an enquiry last December, Arconic argued that the tragedy was not the result of its panels and that other refurbishment factors were the cause.

The company will announce its 2018 fourth quarter earnings at 10:00am ET during a conference call. You can join it here.

The Lancet takes on gender equality

The Lancet, a world-renowned peer-reviewed general medical journal, is publishing a special issue on advancing gender equality in science, medicine and global health.

The edition includes a report on how gender gaps in research funding are down to bias against female applicants, as opposed to the quality of their science.

In addition, the issue covers how 75% of biomedical studies don’t report different outcomes for men and women, which hides valid gender-based differences. It also features a study that found that of 10 drugs withdrawn from the market between 1997 and 2001, eight can pose greater risks for the health of women over men.

The Lancet’s editors use the slogan: feminism is for everybody, and comment on gender equality in African science institutions and how trans women are missing in fields of science, medicine and global health.

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