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September 14, 2017updated 27 Jan 2022 2:13pm

People are buying time saving products to reduce stress rather than to save time

By GlobalData Consumer

The majority of people say that they rely heavily on time saving products and services according to research by GlobalData – but the primary reason they use these products is not to make more time but rather to simplify their lives.

A recent GlobalData survey showed 36 percent of people who rely heavily on time saving products and services use those products to reduce stress and simplify their lives.

Source: GlobalData


The next most important reason is to make more personal time for activities like hobbies or relaxation.

Tools such as the Amazon Dash button, for example, though seen as a time saving tool, help consumers simplify and de-stress their lives.

This is important for brands producing time saving products. Time saving products could be marketed as tools for simplifying life and reducing concerns rather than explicitly as saving time.

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