Publishers are rushing out tell-all Trump book after legal warning triggers Streisand effect

By Billy

The publishers of an explosive new tell-all book about US president Donald Trump’s first year in the White House have bumped up its release to today after legal warning causes a Streisand effect.

The book was slated for release early next week but after huge international interest following excerpts being published in New York Magazine the publishers Henry Holt & Company have decided to release it early despite Trump threatening to sue all those involved.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, written by journalist and author Michael Wolff, portrays Trump’s White House as chaotic, while the president himself is cast as ill-informed, irresponsible, and ill-equipped for the job.

Trump has said the book contains damaging allegations about his administration and is “full of lies”.

The book has also prompted a bitter split between the president and former adviser Steve Bannon.

Trump’s threats to sue Bannon, Wolff, and the publisher over the book are in danger of giving the title publicity rather than delivering him a win in court, a phenomenon known as the Streisand effect.

Terry Finley, chief executive of Books-a-Million, told the Wall Street Journal:

We saw a huge spike in demand yesterday. President Trump’s attack absolutely stirred interest.

While White House press secretary Sarah Sanders yesterday declined to confirm that Trump would follow through with his threats to take the publisher and author to court, Trump’s outburst against the Bannon, Wolff and Henry Holt & Company catapulted it beyond levels of interest it could hoped to achieve on its own.

Sanders also dismissed the notion that Trump’s actions could fan the book’s explosive flames, blaming the press for the hype surrounding it.

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