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May 17, 2019updated 20 May 2019 9:46am

Technology jobs among the fastest growing in the UK

By Lucy Ingham

Technology jobs dominate the top 10 fastest growing roles in the UK, according to data released today by job site Indeed.

At the top of the list was IT engineer, which has seen a 33.7% increase in vacancies over the past year, climbing from 154 million positions in April 2017 to April 2018 to 206 million in 2018 to 2019. The average salary for the position is now £28,212.

CNC machinist, a job that involves computer-assisted manufacturing for industries such as automotive and aerospace, was the fourth fastest-growing position, with vacancies climbing 31.2%. Over the last year vacancies have jumped from 121 million to 159 million, and the average salary is £27,881.

Mobile developer, meanwhile, came in seventh at 28.2% growth, with the number of positions jumping from 477 million to 612 million. The average salary is £34,971.

There were also a number of creative jobs that are largely employed within or related to technology.

Product designer was in third place, with a 31.2% increase and a rise from 160 million to 224 million – supported by an average salary of £38,203.

Designer came in eighth, with a 26.3% increase from 67 million to 85 million and an average salary of £32,638.

However, not all positions on the list were technology related. Salon assistant made a surprise entry at number two, with a 33.6% increase from 172 million to 230 million and an average salary of £16,029. Assistant principal came in at number five, while recruiting assistant, car wash attendant and conveyancing assistant were at sixth, ninth and tenth place respectively.

Vacancies for technology jobs climb while shortages continue

The news comes as the technology industry continues to face a skills shortage as it is increasingly seen as a key source of economic growth in the UK.

“Virtually all organisations – not to mention the country as a whole – rely on IT infrastructure, and as a result the need for people who can install, service and protect it has mushroomed,” said Bill Richards, UK managing director of Indeed.

“Likewise the surging demand for mobile developers and those with advanced manufacturing skills like CNC machinists.”

This is particularly severe in niche areas such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. However, these have not made the list, in part because companies are increasingly pursuing alternatives to the creation of additional roles.

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