GlobalData research has found the top telecommunications influencers based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Verdict has named ten of the most influential people in telecommunications on Twitter during Q1 2020.

Biggest influencers in telecommunications: The top ten in Q1 2020

1. Evan Kirstel (@evankirstel)

Evan Kirstel is a top B2B analyst and influencer. Ranked as one of the most influential B2B marketers in the US, Evan has worked with customers across technologies such as IoT, blockchain, cloud, AR, VR, big data, cyber security, and analytics. The influencer re-tweeted on scientists having rubbished links between the use of 5G and a lowered immune system, assuming it to be spreading the coronavirus.

He also re-tweeted on reports surrounding Huawei and the use of forced labour, urging the government to examine the issue closely before it gets in the way of the 5G process.

Twitter followers: 268,748

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Ajit Pai (@AjitPaiFCC)

Ajit Pai is an American lawyer, and chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The telecom expert held a number of bilateral meetings in India and Singapore of late discussing spectrum efficiency and 5G, as well as innovations and cyber security. He also advocates that remote learning, telework, and telehealth are key in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Chinese telecom vendors such as Huawei is facing curbs in the US. However, India asserted that it will not bar any equipment supplier in the upcoming 5G trials.

Twitter followers: 73,982

GlobalData influencer score: 53

3. Jeff Kagan (@jeffkagan)

Jeff Kagan is a telecom analyst and columnist sharing stories on wireless, telecom, pay TV, digital healthcare, telehealth, telemedicine, automotive, and more. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, he shares his thoughts and opinions on companies and technologies.

Twitter followers: 72,486

GlobalData influencer score: 51

4. Dez Blanchfield (@dez_blanchfield)

Dez Blanchfield is a venture capitalist and the chief data scientist and creator of Sociall Inc., driving outcomes through integrated media, design, and strategies. He brings 25 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry, developing strategies and business initiatives. Dez is of the opinion that 5G will tranform almost every industry, including healthcare.

Twitter followers: 232,286

GlobalData influencer score: 49

5. Rich Simmonds (@RichSimmondsZA)

Rich Simmonds is a leading technologist and disruptive influencer. Also regarded as one of the top 20 global digital marketing influencers in the world. Simmonds is also an author and facilitator of leadership communication. He tweets on how 5G networks will enable customer experiences.

Twitter followers: 484,260

GlobalData influencer score: 45

6. Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar)

Vala Afshar is a digital marketing evangelist at Salesforce. He is also the author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence. Afshar also co-hosts DisrupTV, a weekly show covering the latest information on digital business, innovation, and technology. Vala Afshar believes that 5G will transform industries.

He also believes that the current Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate the adoption of ecommerce, drone delivery services, and video conferencing, and voice mobile applications, among others, requiring robust networks to sustain the remote demands.

Twitter followers: 424,164

GlobalData influencer score: 44

7. Tamara Mccleary (@TamaraMcCleary)

Tamara Mccleary is the CEO of Thulium, digital social media marketing agency. Regarded as the number one most influential women in MarTech, Tamara is known for her pioneering marketing strategies on social media for B2B and enterprise.

Tamara tweets about revenues from 5G IoT connections expected to reach $8 billion by 2024, urging telecom operators to develop comprehensive value-added services to enable IoT.

Twitter followers: 306,565

GlobalData influencer score: 44

8. Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting)

Diana Adams is technology journalist, technology blogger, and the co-founder of Adams Consulting Group. She is also a social media influencer for Ericsson Digital and Ericsson Networks. Her works are focused around digital transformation and technologies such as IoT, AI, machine learning, big data, and cloud computing.

Diana believes that the era of 5G will not only bring faster speeds but also lower latency. She agrees that it will bring with it a new level of network complexity, and that service providers would have to keep their finger on the pulse of customer experiences while accelerating 5G deployments.

Twitter followers: 150,810

GlobalData influencer score: 41

9. Jaymie Scotto Cutaia (@jscotto)

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia is the founder and CEO of Jaymie Scott & Associates (JSA), which oversees all aspects of company activities and operations ranging from public relations and marketing to product execution. A monthly contributor to Forbes, Jamie headed marketing and public relations for Telx, an operator for co-location and interconnection facilities in the US.

Jamie re-tweeted on the world undergoing a paradigm shift with even more people working remotely, with the race for 5G wireless technology ramping up even faster.

Twitter followers: 13,910

GlobalData influencer score: 37

10. Steve Crowley (@StevenJCrowley)

Steve Crowley is a consulting wireless engineer. He focuses on tasks such as technology analysis, standardisation, business development, regulation, and corporate communication. Regarded as the top 10 mobile influencers on the basis of reach and expertise in the industry,

Steve has shared many reports related to 5G rollouts on Twitter. One report details if energy consumption can be reduced with the deployment of 5G. In other news, Verizon expands international 5G ecosystem with new 5G Lab & Studio in London.

Twitter followers: 3,846

GlobalData influencer score: 37