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Meet Ameca – the friendly neighbourhood robot

When Ameca made its first public appearance in 2022 at the Consumer Electronics Show it became an instant highlight.

Problems with portals: Technology can connect the world—if we can behave

Technology undoubtedly has the potential to bring us together, but the story of the portals suggests that some moderation is needed.

Is LinkedIn redefining professionalism in the age of social media?

The ability to use the public’s attention to generate a sense of likeness or relatability towards a corporation has driven many companies to try to build social media followings beyond LinkedIn

What are the odds on preventing gambling addiction while maintaining the industry?

Affordability checks are in the news currently, with gambling companies debating that they are inappropriate and discriminatory.

The changing corporate hierarchy: CEO, CISO, and Chief AI Officer

Chief information security officer (CISO) is one role that has been growing in importance and influence as cybersecurity threats have increased.

Why sustainability reporting standards must be simple, consistent and transparent

Demonstrative sustainability, which can be easily tracked and assessed for clarity, is key for the alignment of business success and ESG initiatives.

US merger rules may rein in private equity cybersecurity spending

It will take time for the merger guidelines to take effect, but it is almost certain that PE companies’ cybersecurity acquisitions will face considerably more antitrust scrutiny

SBTi gets into carbon offsets mess

Staff and advisers have called on the board and CEO of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to resign after it said it would loosen its approach to carbon offsets

Are therapists safe from AI disruption?

For mental health apps to function appropriately, they must prove their safety and efficacy and be regulated with the same rigor as human mental health professionals.

India’s mobile payment landscape needs effective protection

India is second only to China in terms of mobile payment numbers.