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March 7, 2019updated 08 Mar 2019 9:51am

Best books on AI in business for World Book Day

By Lucy Ingham

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world of business at an incredible pace, but there are some fantastic resources available to those that don’t want to get left behind. With World Book Day upon us, we look at the best books on AI in business.

In a world where you can get any information in a matter of seconds, the book can become a forgotten medium. But for those looking to future-proof their organisation, there are some excellent options that provide far more than a Google search can provide.

Five of the best books on AI in business

There are thousands of books taking on the topic of AI and automation in business, but we’ve restricted ourselves to just five that offer a unique take on the topic.

Here we list five of the best books on AI in business, covering everything from far-reaching theory to actionable insights and case studies.

The W.E.I.R.D. CEO: How to lead in a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence

Charles Towers-Clark

best books on AI in business

Everybody and their dog are talking about how AI and automation will change the way businesses operate, but very few businesses are actually taking meaningful action on the subject. Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Pod Group, is different. Not only does he advocate for a radical overhaul of how businesses are run, but he has actually put his theories into practice, completely restructuring his company in the process.

The resulting book provides a mixture of thought-provoking ideas and insightful, actionable approaches, peppered with examples from his own experience of restructuring his company. A must-read for anyone serious about making their business work for the AI future.

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Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence

Calum Chace

best books on AI in business

While some of the best books on AI in business take a practical approach, Calum Chace’s offering is far more cerebral. But don’t let that put you off: this is a book that provides a long-term view that is just as vital as concepts that beg immediate action.

Covering everything from technological unemployment to the potential creation of a superintelligence, this book provides essential background information for anyone who needs to think beyond the next few years. As a former CEO, Chace is well placed to provide insightful perspectives, and the resulting text is surprisingly free from sensationalism given the subject matter.

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to harness AI + maintain the competitive edge

Katie King

best books on AI in business

While some books take a long-term view of AI, Katie King’s book is all about real-world action that can be taken today. Deeply researched and written with a vibrant style that keeps the subject matter exciting, this book is ideal for those looking to make AI work for them in the here and now.

The book not only provides information on approaches and techniques that can be easily made use of, but also puts these into a wider framework that helps the reader form a holistic approach to AI marketing. There are also a host of interviews and case studies from leading players in this space, making this an excellent starting point for those interested in making use of the technology.

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AIQ: How artificial intelligence works and how we can harness its power for a better world

Nick Polson and James Scott

best books on AI in business

As AI becomes increasingly important for businesses, decision makers are so often tasked with making choices about its implementation without fully understanding its capabilities and limitations. Which is where AIQ comes in. Written by two data scientists, this book teaches you about the language of AI through stories rather than equations, allowing you to take on knowledge without needing to learn a whole new approach in the process.

Offering a clear and easy-to-understand take on the topic, the book is both entertaining and engaging, while hugely educational. A must for anyone who needs to understand more about AI but hasn’t got the time to take up programming.

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AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order

Kai-Fu Lee

best books on AI in business

While many of the books on this list concern the practical application of AI in business, AI Superpowers takes a more global look that is equally important for those looking to understand the future progress of the technology. Focusing on the US-Sino AI competition, the book explores how the geopolitics of AI will shape its future application and the resulting impact on jobs and the business world.

Written by the former CEO of Google China, this book provides a nuanced and brilliantly researched perspective on the future of AI in China and the US, which forces the reader to think carefully about the reality of the technological future – not just what we hope it will be.

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