GlobalData research has found the top influencers in IoT based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Verdict has named the most influential people in IoT on Twitter during Q3 2020.

Biggest influencers in IoT: The top ten in Q3 2020

1. Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne)

Kirk Borne is a research and consulting professional currently serving as the principal data scientist and executive advisor of Booze Allen Hamilton, an information and technology services company. He is also an advisory board member of Syntasa, a computer software company.

Borne specialises in transdisciplinary data science research, consulting, and applications. He is also an astrophysicist and space scientist and serves as the executive committee member for various international astroinformatics and astrostatistics organisations.

Twitter followers: 269,404

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Ronald Van Loon (@Ronald_vanLoon)

Ronald Van Loon is the CEO and principal analyst of Intelligent World, a research and influencer network. He is also an advisory board member and big data analytics course advisor at Simplilearn, an education management company.

Prior to this, Loon was the CEO and founder of ContentForces, a research and development firm, and u-Try, an e-learning software. He was also the vice president for business development at Cedron, a information management software company.

Twitter followers: 233,183

GlobalData influencer score: 90

3. Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad (@rvp)

Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad is the co-founder and co-chief executive of 7GTech, which guides telecom corporations in their entry strategy, policies, and regulations. He has more than 35 years of experience as a consultant and entrepreneur in high technology companies in the US and India.

Prasad is also the consulting editor of the Current News, a political and business journalism magazine, and Realpolitik Magazine, that promotes policies in the areas of economy and foreign policy.

Twitter followers: 3,935

GlobalData influencer score: 79

4. Tamara Mccleary (@TamaraMcCleary)

Tamara Mccleary is the CEO of Thulium, a global technology company that creates innovative strategies using machine learning, analytics, data and artificial intelligence (AI). She specialises in marketing strategies for B2B and enterprise.

Mccleary is a technologist who also co-hosts podcasts such as SAP Industries Live and TechUnknown. She is a valued online marketer and has featured on Forbes for her B2B marketing strategies on social media.

Twitter followers: 308,692

GlobalData influencer score: 64

5. Yves Mulkers (@YvesMulkers)

Yves Mulkers is a data architect and founder of 7wData, a data management firm. He specialises in data integration, bits and bytes, and on ways to optimise business processes with data.

Prior to this, Mulkers was a data architect for identification of medicinal products (IDMP) implementation at GSK, a pharmaceuticals company. He has also freelanced for various companies including Colruyt Group, a retail firm, and Philips, multinational conglomerate.

Twitter followers: 96,915

GlobalData influencer score: 62

6. Glen Gilmore (@GlenGilmore)

Glen Gilmore is a research and consulting professional specialising in areas such as strategising, emerging tech, digital transformation, compliance, governance, influencer relations, and travel. He currently serves as the principal of Gilmore Business Network, which offers digital marketing and strategic consultations to companies such as Amazon, Verizon, Lenovo, and others.

Gilmore is also associated with the Rutgers University, a recognised executive education organisation dealing in crisis communications, brand management, and emerging tech, among others.

Twitter followers: 296,416

GlobalData influencer score: 62

7. Sally Eaves (@sallyeaves)

Sally Eaves specialises in emerging technologies and its applications in business transformation. She is the senior policy advisor for Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research, a non-profit think tank focusing on technology issues and cyber policy.

Eaves specialises in the incorporation and application of emergent technologies such as blockchain and AI to business and society. She also serves as advisor for Effect.AI, a decentralised network for AI, and Nuggets, an e-commerce platform.

Twitter followers: 111,917

GlobalData influencer score: 60

8. Dr Mark Van Rijmenam (@VanRijmenam)

Dr Mark Van Rijmenam is the founder of Mavin, an internet company. He comes with more than ten years of experience in emergent technologies such as internet of things (IoT), blockchain, tokenomics, AI, and big data analytics.

Rijmenam is also the speaker, author and strategist for Future of Work, a management consulting firm enabling organisations to employ emergent technologies to build customer-centric businesses. He also performs research for 2Tokens Foundation, which aims to bring tokenisation in finance.

Twitter followers: 45,576

GlobalData influencer score: 59

9. R Ray Wang (@rwang0)

R Ray Wang is the founder, chairman and principal analyst of Constellation Research, an information and technology services company. He specialises in disruptive technologies such as AI, future of work, matrix commerce, and more, and focuses on business strategy that helps transform businesses.

Wang is also a board member of the Churchill Club, an independent thought leadership forum and is the author of a popular blog called A Software Insider’s Point of View.

Twitter followers: 128,725

GlobalData influencer score: 59

10. Spiros Margaris (@SpirosMargaris)

Spiros Margaris is a futurist and advisor for leading companies including wefox Group, an insurance company, and F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator, a start-up incubator. He founded Margaris Ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm.

Margaris is also a keynote speaker specialising in technologies such as AI, fintech and insurtech.  He serves as board member for digital wallet, STC Pay, and venture partner with SparkLabs Group, a network of accelerators and venture funds.

Twitter followers: 103,150

GlobalData influencer score: 59


GlobalData’s influencer identification framework identifies influencers based on relevance; size of network, connections and followers; engagement levels with their content and analysis and input from sector experts. Influencers are then evaluated on a series of specific topic-related keywords used over the period and weighted by engagement metrics.