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November 5, 2018

Bonfire night weather forecast: Where to watch a display this Guy Fawkes

By Ellen Daniel

Tonight is bonfire night, with firework displays set to take place across the country. From the famous Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations in East Sussex, to Bonfire Night in Inverness, which is expected to attract 10,000 spectators, or smaller, local displays, everyone will be hoping for mild, clear bonfire night weather.

However, rainfall threatens to dampen celebrations in some parts of the country, with some areas set to experience wet and windy weather this evening. Whether you’re attending a display or organising one of your own, here’s the bonfire night weather forecast for this year’s Guy Fawkes.

London and South East England

According to the Met Office, the region experienced a misty start to the day, but this is set to clear, leaving bonfire night weather conditions ideal for displays, with a low chance of wind or cloud. Temperatures will also be mild, with highs of 16°C.

South West England

A dry day across much of southwest England with some sunny spells will give way to showers across parts of the region, particularly in West Cornwall, in which the weather will take a turn for the worse overnight. However, the rest of the South West should remain dry, meaning that displays are unlikely to be affected.

East England

Although low cloud, mist and possible fog are set to affect some areas, there should also be some clear spells. Isolated showers are possible, especially across Norfolk.

The Midlands

Although isolated showers are possible, most places are most likely staying dry. There may be a light south-easterly breeze and a chance of mist. The West Midlands should be dry this evening with some clear skies at times.

North East England

The region will remain cloudy overnight with possible showers at first, but these will mainly be near the coast. Temperatures are set to drop tonight, with minimum temperatures of 8 °C.

North West England

Although it will be cloudy in the south and east of the region, the North West of England will remain dry.


There will be rain at times in the far west, but there will be clear skies over most of the region during the early evening, with cloud and mist developing later.

Northern Ireland

After a rainy day, this evening looks set to be rather cloudy with occasional rain. There will also be strong winds, particularly along the east coast, meaning those planning displays should exercise caution.


Southern Scotland will be mainly cloudy and mostly dry. However, some showery rain may spread northwards, with wind expected around the Southwestern coast. Heavy rain is expected in some areas of the highlands, however there are no weather warnings.

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