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September 10, 2020

Connexin raises £80m funding to advance UK smart cities

By Lucy Ingham

Connexin, a smart city operator based in Hull, the UK, has announced that it has raised £80m funding to build its presence in the country’s internet of things (IoT) and smart infrastructure sector.

The funding comes from Whitehelm Capital, a leading independent infrastructure manager, and is expected to help Connexin drive the development of digital infrastructure in the UK.

Connexin has already deployed the first purpose-build smart city operating system in the UK, for Hull City Council, and has also helped deploy its City OS platform in Sheffield, to help highway maintenance efforts.

“Now more than ever, we have been taught by the pandemic the true value of technology and the societal benefits that it has for citizens,” said Furqan Alamgir, founder and CEO of Connexin.

“At Connexin, we’re building sustainable, programmable infrastructure for today and tomorrow. This financing further validates the digital transformation we have delivered within cities, communities and the utility sector through our leadership and innovation in the smart infrastructure and IoT space.”

Connexin funding capitalises on smart city potential

With the additional funding from Whitehelm, Connexin will now be able to build its presence in the UK smart city market, as growing numbers of councils explore the potential of digital infrastructure.

“This investment isn’t just about Connexin. It affects every community. Everyone deserves clean air, tidier streets, safer roads. By allowing all communities to have access to our digitally connected infrastructure, it enables connected devices to ‘speak’ to one another which paves the way for amazing things,” said Alamgir.

“By way of example, we create solutions for councils that can monitor air quality and communicate this information with people who suffer with breathing conditions to help against prevent asthma attacks and reduce hospital admissions.

“We’ve also helped the utility sector with smart metering for leak protection for better water performance to help tackle the problem of 3.1 billion litres of water lost each day due to water leakage.

“With this investment, we can replicate the success we have in building smart communities across the country. It’s how we all want to live by just being smarter.”

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