April 27, 2020

Flytrex to begin home drone deliveries to “address the growing health crisis”

By Ellen Daniel

Drone technology company Flytrex has announced that it will begin delivering essential goods “directly to backyards” in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The company has partnered with EASE Drones, the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation and the City of Grand Forks to deliver food and medicine.

In 2017, Flytrex launched the world’s first on-demand urban drone delivery service in Reykjavik, Iceland, and since then has operated at King’s Walk Golf Course in North Dakota. It has also been a part of the UAS Integration Pilot Program since 2019. 

Flytrex drone deliveries to support coronavirus efforts

Delivered in cooperation with the Northern Plains Unmanned Aerial System Test Site, the initiative is designed to “address the growing health crisis” and “reducing crowding and unnecessary contact at local stores”. Drones will take off from opposite the shops the goods are purchased from and will be delivered to a number of households that have opted-in to the service.

“In this time of crisis and social distancing, drones provide the ideal solution to bolster delivery capacity while keeping citizens safe at home. UAVs offer safe, swift and efficient delivery of much needed goods with no risk of unnecessary human contact for consumers. We hope this initiative will alleviate hardships for as many of the people of Grand Forks as possible and help keep them safe and provided for,” said Flytrex CEO Yariv Bash.

“With Covid-19 threatening the wellbeing of our community, our businesses, and our way of life, we are committed to easing the burden on our citizens by leveraging unique resources in this time of crisis,” said Grand Forks Mayor Michael R. Brown. “With innovation in our community’s nature, we are proud to spearhead the use of drones to ensure the health and welfare of our citizens. With the help of Flytrex and EASE Drones, we are deploying UAVs to limit unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus. We hope other communities will follow.”

“Following our launch in Grand Forks, with the continuing cooperation of local authorities and the FAA, we aim to expand our drone delivery service to help citizens in other areas of the town, the state, and the entire country – as quickly as possible.”

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