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June 9, 2020

Heinz Brazil brings the country welcome distraction from Covid-19

By GlobalData Consumer

Heinz Brazil have come up with a novel tactic as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many consumers to stay inside their homes for prolonged periods. Socializing outside is discouraged and many governments have shut down restaurants and other foodservice or entertainment outlets.

Therefore, brands are trying to come up with innovative ways to interact with their customers and keep them entertained, thereby reducing anxiety levels during these uncertain times. One of the latest initiatives in this respect is Heinz Brazil’s #MakingArtWithHeinz campaign, which encourages consumers to be creative with their food.

Heinz Brazil collaborated with ad agency, Africa, to entertain their Instagram followers during quarantine. Heinz is inciting their consumers to draw the craziest burger they can think of and tag @Heinz_Br. The most creative designs are picked by chefs from restaurants partnering with Heinz, who in turn make them into real burgers. The funny-looking burgers are subsequently delivered to their creator.

Heinz have been here before

The initiative is not the first to be born from a Heinz Brazil-Africa collaboration. In 2017, the “Irresistible Posts”  campaign offered Brazilian Instagram users the chance to taste the burgers they saw in videos made by Chef Santi Roig from Underdog Meat & Beers restaurant. By making an upward movement on their phones’ screens, they could order the burger, delivered by Heinz in a personalized box.

Brazil is currently the country with second highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. The attitude of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who continues to publicly attack the efforts to contain the virus, has been criticized by many Brazilians, and has caused much unrest and consternation in the country.

Entertainment can be a distraction

During quarantine, anxiety is at high levels, and thus consumers are looking for inventive ways to spend their time and make them feel less concerned about the new global situation.

In fact, according to GlobalData’s Covid-19 tracker consumer survey – Week 10, published on 3 June, almost a quarter of global consumers (11 countries surveyed) say that they would like general entertainment from brands, such as games, to distract them from the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, the percentage is higher among Brazilians (36%). Furthermore, 41% of consumers aged 35-44 want entertainment solutions from brands during this time. Therefore, initiatives such as Heinz’s are particularly welcome in Brazil during this challenging period.

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