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October 10, 2019

Hitachi Vantara unveils “fastest NVMe array on the planet”

By Robert Scammell

Hitachi Vantara, a subsidiary of Japanese tech giant Hitachi, has unveiled a new data centre that it claims to be the “fastest NVMe [Non-Volatile Memory Express] array on the planet”.

Announced at the Hitachi Next conference in Las Vegas, US, Hitachi Vantara senior vice president of infrastructure, Dan McConnell, said the Virtual Storage Platform 5000 is “the most scaleable”, capable of expanding to 69 petabytes of storage capacity.

“That’s over eight times our competitors,” said McConnell.

According to Hitachi, the Virtual Storage Platform 5000 offers up to 21 million input/outputs per second (IOPS), the maximum number of reads and writes to non-contiguous storage locations.

However, it is worth noting that IOPS isn’t considered the best metric to compare storage systems, because different vendors have varying ways of measuring IOPS.

The flash array is powered by Hitachi’s Accelerator Fabric, which McConnell described as “an innovative design that leverages FPGA acceleration to get maximum performance, yet maximum flexibility”.

For those crunching large amounts of data, Hitachi claims the VSP 5000 offers response times as low as 70 microseconds.

VSP 5000: Tackling duplicate data

Duplicate data can lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies for businesses handling a lot of data. Ultimately, this translates into wasted costs. To counter this, Hitachi’s latest solution incorporates machine learning to perform “smart” de-duplication processes.

The enterprise storage hardware dovetails with Hitachi’s newly announced Ops Center, the management software that uses artificial intelligence to automate “up to 70% of tasks”.

“We can also provide AI-assisted resource placement resource balancing, as well as forecasting,” said McConnell.

These new hardware and software announcements tie into the concept of DataOps – a process for data analytics teams to get the most from their data in the shortest amount of time through the use of automation.

Together, these solutions are aimed at helping organisations get more out of their data.

Matt Bouges, enterprise IT architect at Conagra Brands, a packaged foods company that has been using the Virtual Storage Platform 5000, said:

“The latest Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, combined with the new Hitachi Ops Center and latest storage virtualisation operating system, delivers the performance and efficiencies we need to reduce the time and money we spend running IT while accelerating IT’s time to value, helping grow the business.”

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