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January 10, 2019

Automation could save HR professionals over a day every week

By Lucy Ingham

Automating administrative and other manual tasks could save human resources (HR) professionals over a day every working week, according to a poll on HR automation.

In a survey by Kronos Incorporated, 100 leaders in HR were asked to give their thoughts on what tasks they want to see automated and how much time this would save.

32% thought HR automation would save over two hours every day, while 35% thought it would save 1 – 2 hours a day. This means that two-thirds of HR professionals believe automation could save them between a day and a day and a half every week.

The benefits of HR automation

There are a significant number of administrative and manual tasks that HR professionals have to complete each day, and which automation can help with.

These include tasks such as recruitment, the administration of benefits and the management of employee records. In the case of recruitment, automation could lighten the load by suggesting suitable applicants for open positions, an area that is already seeing some automation among larger companies.

By automating such tasks, HR professionals will be free to spend time engaging directly with employees, and handling complex tasks and one-off situations that are not suited to HR automation.

However, for administrative and repetitive manual tasks to be automated, there is a need to develop more sophisticated and tailored automation solutions for the industry.

While more automation in HR technology platforms was the most wished-for feature among those surveyed, at 52%, 49% also wanted a more intuitive interface, while 28% wanted increased labour insights.

“These statistics confirm that there is more that HR technology can do to improve efficiencies, and also increase satisfaction among those using this technology,” said Claire Richardson, director, the Workforce Institute at Kronos, EMEA & vice president EMEA professional services, Kronos.

“HR leaders should work closely with IT teams to implement meaningful technologies that automate administrative tasks and enable them to focus on more rewarding and impactful tasks.”

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