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July 26, 2017

What is iGO.live, an app that wants you to monetise your life?

By Luke Christou

Imagine being paid to live your life — for a growing list of celebrities using live streaming apps that is becoming a reality.

iGO.live is one of them and tonight it’s pulling out all the stops to try to make that happen with a night of music, celebrities, and tech.

Girl group Fifth Harmony will take to the stage in Beverly Hills LA, alongside celebrities and socialites such as Blac Chyna, Tyga, Bella Thorne, Ashley Benson, and Hailey Baldwin who will live stream their view of the event via the iGO.live app.

iGO.live - Verdict

Combined the attendees have an Instagram following of more than 69m. And iGO.live is hoping the launch party will attract some of those followers to the service.

The digital world dictates our experiences and soon it could dictate our salaries. Until now, the only real benefit was to show off, but iGO.live wants to change this by monetising social sharing.

After all, if we don’t share something on Facebook or Snapchat Story, did it even really happen?

What does iGO.live do?

Putting a Snapchat-like spin on Periscope, people use augmented reality to customise their streams with effects from virtual accessories to hand gesture triggered visuals.

Fans can then show their appreciation through the app’s gifting feature. Using in-app currency to buy animated gifts — such as flying pigs and love trains — which flood the screen with a sensory overload of sounds and visuals.

It offers an insight into how celebrities live, allowing you to view, discuss and interact with them in real time.

iGO.live - Verdict

Can anyone now make their life their job?

“This app can change your life”, boasts a billboard overlooking Sunset Boulevard in LA.

It’s a bold claim but some of iGO.live’s most popular hosts prove that it can happen.

Since it launched, the app has racked up users in China and Russia, with some streamers attracting 100,000 people at a single time.

Loyal fans flood the app’s most popular users with gifts. Streamers are then able to convert gifts into cash.

While the app’s current user base isn’t quite big enough to generate its streamers a large enough income to quit their day jobs, it does offer a great additional revenue stream.

Those that have hit the 100,000 viewer mark are earning sums in the hundreds after just a few months.

Given the success of early adopters on other services, such as Instagram and YouTube — with many popular figures now earning a living from them — it is understandable why celebrity hopefuls are rushing to join the latest social service.

iGO.live has big plans and if everything goes as expected, iGO.live celebrities could soon be a thing.

To view the event, download iGO.live on either the App Store or Google Play in time to watch at 3am London time.

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