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February 11, 2020updated 24 Jun 2020 12:42pm

Biggest influencers in cybersecurity in Q4 2019: The top companies and individuals to follow

By GlobalData Technology

GlobalData research has found the top cybersecurity influencers based on their performance and engagement online.

Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Verdict has named ten of the most influential people in cybersecurity on Twitter during Q4 2019.

Biggest influencers in cybersecurity: The top ten in Q4 2019

1. Sean Harris (@InfoSecHotSpot)

Sean Harris is a recognised cybersecurity leader. He ranks number three in computer security authority including cybercrime and cyber warfare. He is also the host of Bolivian Idol and is a podcaster at RockDocs.com.

Twitter followers: 119,319

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Bob Carver (@cybersecboardrm)

Bob Carver is a top cybersecurity influencer, specialised in threat hunting and interrupting malicious traffic. He has monitored a number of botnets and plagued endpoints including smartphones, PCs and more. He is also a regular contributor to the Verizon wide-risk team. Here he builds strategies to boost cyber threat intelligence through machine learning, analytics, and other data intelligence.

Twitter followers: 45,219

GlobalData influencer score: 67

3. Vishal Sharma (@vishne0)

Vishal Sharma is a technical manager at Eclipsers Solutions. As a hacker and top security expert, he focuses on merging business requirements with the products. He has 15 plus years of experience in managing projects.

Twitter followers: 5,981

GlobalData influencer score: 62

4. Jacob Williams (@MalwareJake)

Jacob Williams is the creator of Rendition Infosec, which provides cybersecurity solutions such as forensics, security monitoring and incidence response to businesses. A top information security influencer, Jacob helps organisations to identify the weak spots and avoid vulnerabilities, assess damages, and remove an attacker in case of breach.

Twitter followers: 65,443

GlobalData influencer score: 58

5. Zack Whittaker (@zackwhittaker)

Zack Whittaker is the security editor at TechCrunch, which provides the latest news and analysis on technology. He contributed to ZDNet.com earlier, and gradually started focusing on cybersecurity and national security related issues.

Twitter followers: 53,952

GlobalData influencer score: 57


6. Katie Moussouris (@k8em0)

Katie Moussouris is the founder of Luta Security, which helps businesses with vulnerability disclosures and bug bounties. A professional hacker, Katie advises governments, companies, and lawmakers, on security research and hacking.

A keynote speaker and security analyst, Katie has worked with eminent companies such as Microsoft and Symantec.

Twitter followers: 89,261

GlobalData influencer score: 56

7. Joseph Cox (@josephfcox)

Joseph Cox is a journalist covering news on hacking, cybercrimes, and platforms for Motherboard VICE, an online digital magazine dealing in science, humans, and technology.

Twitter followers: 56,165

GlobalData influencer score: 55


8. Lesley Carhart (@hacks4pancakes)

Lesley Carhart is the principal industrial incident responder of Dragos Inc, which provides threat hunting services for a number of industries including energy to manufacturing. As a recognised cybersecurity leader, she delivers speeches on digital forensics and incident response at numerous conferences and universities.

Named the ‘top woman in cybersecurity’, Lesley handled incident response for Motorola Solutions prior to Dragos. She has also worked with the US Air Force Reserve.

Twitter followers: 102,316

GlobalData influencer score: 55

9. Asher Wolf (@Asher_Wolf)

Asher Wolf is a Melbourne-based journalist. A recipient of the Amnesty Australia Humanitarian Media award, Asher founded Cryptoparty, a decentralised movement teaching people how to improve security and privacy. Also a political media advisor, Asher has worked with Open Australia and leads campaigns aiming to reform debt creation and automated data-matching practices by the government.

Twitter followers: 70,794

GlobalData influencer score: 54

10. Mirko Zorz (@helpnetsecurity)

Mirko Zorz is the editor in chief of Help Net Security and the (IN)SECURE magazine. An independent website, Help Net Security provides insights, security challenges and crisis management tools for businesses.

Twitter followers: 47,642

GlobalData influencer score: 54