Just €10 a month buys a lot of data across Europe but people in some countries have it much better than others.

You might not expect €10 to buy a lot of smartphone data and if you’re in Germany, France, Belgium or the UK, you’d be correct.

In these countries average amount of data you’d get with a smartphone plan between €9 and €11 is around one gigabyte, with no plans delivering more than two gigabytes, according to GlobalData research.

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But if you lived in other countries, your €10 would go a lot farther.

The same amount of money that buys less than two gigabyte of mobile data in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK buys up to 18 gigabytes in Romania and up to 10 gigabytes in Poland, Austria, Italy and Turkey.

There’s an 18-fold difference in the average mobile data on offer for €10 across these markets, the lowest amount (0.3 gigabytes in Belgium) and the highest (5.4 gigabytes in Romania).

Against this backdrop, the European commission was wise to build ‘fair use’ limitations into its ‘roam like at home provisions’ in force since June 2017.