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January 31, 2020

Five new startups to watch in 2020

By Ellen Daniel

With 2020 upon us, more businesses than ever are utilising cutting-edge technology to create innovative products, and there has been an influx of new startups in the tech scene, offering solutions to almost every problem imaginable.

According to CityAM, the number of tech startups in the UK grew by 14% in 2018.

With this in mind, here are five new startups to watch in 2020.

Startups to watch in 2020


Industry: Architecture

Founded in: 2016

Mission: With cities expected to grow by more than two billion people over the next thirty years, making the most of the space available will be paramount, but the construction industry has been slow to embrace innovation. With the aim of “Designing better cities with artificial intelligence”, Spacemaker helps users uses AI to maximise the potential of a building site.

Users submit site specifications and from the Spacemaker generates design proposals that optimise space, reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability, as well as a detailed analysis of each design. The Norwegian startup received $5m in series A funding last year.


Industry: Power

Founded in: 2019

Mission: Swedish startup Skyqraft uses drones for the inspection of electricity power lines, which can be a dangerous task when carried out by human workers.

Powerline data is analysed using machine learning, making it possible to automatically identify problems before they cause damage, according to Skyqaft.

The startup already working with electricity provider EON and raised $505,000 in its first funding round.


Industry: Agriculture

Founded in: 2014

Mission: As smart technology makes its way into almost every industry, including agriculture, Agrosmart enables farmers to make the most of technological advances.

Monitoring software on farmers’ phones analyses data gathered from sensors on weather conditions, soil moisture and plant hydration helps farmers save energy, water and resources through using land more efficiently.

Last year, Agrosmart raised $5.5m in series A funding and now monitors over 500,000 acres of land.


Industry: Internet of Things

Founded in: 2017

Mission: Turkish startup WeWALK has developed a smart cane designed to help blind or visually impaired users to navigate their surroundings, which won an award in the Health & Wellness category of Edison Awards.

The smart cane device, which is attached to a mobility cane, is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor and vibrates when an object is detected, alerting the user. It also pairs with a smartphone app to integrate with Google Maps and voice assistants, and can be customised based on the user’s needs.


Industry: Transportation

Founded in: 2016

Mission: With the mission of making electric vehicle charging “easy, reliable, and accessible to all”, EVmatch is utilising the growth of the sharing economy to address a common concern when it  comes to electric vehicles: having access to charging stations while on the move.

Describing itself as the “Air BnB of electric vehicle charging” EVmatch allows users to find nearby charging units rented out by their owners and book them through the EVmatch app, as well as offering a way for those with charging stations to monetise them when they otherwise would not be used.

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