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September 22, 2020

Salesforce launches virtual tools for remote sales teams

By Robert Scammell

Customer relationship management giant Salesforce has launched a suite of new software tools to aid sales teams while remote working.

This includes Salesforce Meetings, a new meeting management system that will give sales teams data during video chats including customer history, open service cases and attendee bios.

During a meeting, the video chat will show the seller and customer alongside each other to try and recreate some of the in-person interactions.

Sales reps will also be able to apply Salesforce’s AI coach, Einstein, to video calls to analyse their performances.

The software company is also adding additional automation tools, called Enhanced High Velocity Sales, to automate tasks across the sales process.

Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit will give sales teams a visualisation of how a customer is affected by coronavirus in their region. This includes data on areas safest to travel and safety checklists.

The new features will be added to Sales Cloud 360 and become generally available from February 2021.

Salesforce remote selling tools: Adapting to new normal

“With our new innovations in Sales Cloud 360, you’re seeing us continue to set the bar,” said Doug Camplejohn, GM and EVP, Sales Cloud.

“We’re enabling sales reps to stand out in a sea of virtual meetings, and helping remote teams to work together more effectively during these unprecedented times.”

“This is a transformational moment for sales, more so than any other role in the enterprise,” said Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC.

“Companies have to find new ways to optimise the day to day tasks of sales reps and support contactless relationships with customers. With Salesforce’s new virtual selling suite, reps can better leverage a 360-degree view to sell more effectively and elevate their customers’ experiences.”

The pandemic has driven investment into virtual selling tools, with startup Demodesk raising $8m in funding for meeting software for remote sales teams.

In August Salesforce reported strong second-quarter results, with revenue of $5.15bn.

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