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July 2, 2020

Slerp launches table ordering app ahead of restaurants re-opening

By Ellen Daniel

Online food delivery platform Slerp has launched a new table ordering service, enabling customers to order direct to their table via their phone while dining at a restaurant.

Restaurants in England are due to re-open for on-premises dining on 4 July, but restaurants must have a number of new measures in place to ensure staff and customer safety. One of the recommendations made by the UK Government is for restaurants to encourage the use of “contactless ordering from tables where available, such as through an app”.

Slerp already offers an online ordering solution, which plugs into a retailers existing website to enable on-demand food delivery and pickup, but has expanded this so that customers can use Slerp while dining in. Using a QR code on their phone, customers can order food directly to their table or to pick up at the bar.

This is intended to limit contact between staff and customers, making it easier to enforce social distancing. The new app is due to launch in the UK this week.

Slerp has experienced a 20x growth since February, as many businesses, both large and small, pivot to online ordering, contactless delivery, and takeaways. For small, independent businesses this switch may be particularly challenging, especially in an environment of economic uncertainty. Slerp allows businesses to customise their websites and charges lower comission fees.

Partners include Ottolenghi, Hoppers, Jose Pizzaro, Gymkhana and Angelina. The Dorchester also recently partnered with Slerp to deliver its afternoon tea to customers.

JP Then, founder of Slerp & Crosstown said: “As restaurants look to begin re-opening in July, it’s really important that businesses choose the right tech partner to connect with customers and meet their demands. Slerp is built by operators, for operators. We’re tried and tested, and you can see this in the multiple high-profile operators who have trusted us as their online ordering partner. Businesses need a partner with the full suite of options to really drive revenue and connect with their customers. With direct to table ordering, Slerp can be trusted to help businesses to deliver both on premise and at home”.

“Direct to consumer was the future, but it’s actually now. Setting up online ordering is absolutely pivotal. It should no longer be viewed as incremental revenue to a business, but rather a pillar. The importance of online ordering and on-demand will not go away, we’re committed to help future-proof businesses to meet the changing demands from consumers”.

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