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May 8, 2019updated 07 May 2019 4:59pm

Huawei CFO appears in court over US extradition / UK Uber drivers stage national protests / IPsoft tackles the future of work

By Lucy Ingham


Good morning, here’s your Wednesday morning briefing to set you up for the day ahead. Look out for these three things happening around the world today.

Huawei CFO appears in court over US extradition

Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, will appear before the British Columbia Supreme Court in Canada today as part of extradition proceedings by the US. Wanzhou has been charged with wire fraud, bank fraud and conspiracies to commit bank and wire fraud by American authorities.

The charges relate to Huawei’s alleged attempts to circumvent US sanctions against Iran. Wanzhou, the daughter of the Chinese tech firm’s founder, denies all wrongdoing.

Huawei has faced repeated allegations of espionage from the US, but some have argued it is more a political situation than a genuine security threat.

Wanzhou was arrested on 1 December 2018 at Vancouver International Airport during a stopover on her way to Mexico from Hong Kong. Today’s hearing will focus on setting key court dates for the next step of Wanzhou’s extradition process to the US.

UK Uber drivers stage national protests

UK Uber drivers are striking today to protest the “large payouts” received by founders and executives amidst ongoing pay issues.

Taking place at various locations throughout the UK including London, Glasgow, Nottingham and Birmingham, drivers who are members of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGN) will not accept passengers between 7am and 4pm GMT and will stage demonstrations outside the company’s office. This is part of protests taking place around the world over drivers’ pay following ongoing disputes over whether drivers should be entitled to high minimum wages or benefits such as holiday pay, with Uber maintaining that drivers are self-employed.

The drivers’ union IWGB has said that Uber’s business model is based on “worker exploitation, tax avoidance and regulatory arbitrage”. The protests coincide with Uber’s flotation on the New York Stock Exchange later this week, with the company rumoured to be seeking a valuation of $100bn according to Forbes.

The union says it is urging members of the public not to ‘cross the digital picket line’ by attempting to use the Uber app.

IPsoft tackles the future of work

The artificial intelligence community will today gather to discuss the role of automation and AI in the workplace at IPsoft’s annual Digital Workforce Summit.

The summit will include presentations from global executives who have already applied AI to their workforce, alongside demonstrations of the latest workplace-appropriate technology.

Speakers include Adeel Fudda, senior director of global automation at Becton Dickinson, Matt Tomlinson, product management leader at Indeed.com and Jennifer Hewit, user experience strategy & analytics executive for workspace services at Bank of America.

The Digital Workforce Summit will begin today at The Conrad Hotel in New York at 9am local time.

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