Iran absent from UN Security Council / CES draws to a close / Tata Consultancy Services posts financial results

By Robert Scammell


Good morning, here’s your Thursday morning briefing to set you up for the day ahead. Look out for these three things happening around the world today.

Iran absent from UN Security Council

Members of the UN Security Council meet today in New York with one noticeable exception: Iran.

The US, Russia, France, China and the UK are permanent members of the council, with a further ten elected members that include Iran.

Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif had been due to participate in the open ministerial-level debate, but the US has reportedly denied him a visa to attend following the US assassination of Iran’s top military leader, Qassem Suleimani.

Yesterday Iran carried out a ballistic missile attack on air bases housing US forces in Iraq. Many experts have warned escalations are likely to take place in cyberspace as well as in the physical world.

CES draws to a close

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) draws to a close today after companies spent the past four days exhibiting new technology products in Las Vegas, US.

This year’s event has featured rotating TVs, toilet paper fetching robots and Alexa-enabled showers – all of the ‘innovation’ that attendees have come to expect from the world’s largest tech expo.

And it wasn’t without controversy, as critics argued that Ivanka Trump’s keynote speaking slot should have been given to a woman with genuine technology credentials.

There is still time to squeeze in more promises of technological disruption, with senior representatives from Uber Elevate, Verizon, Adobe, Axios and more taking place throughout the day.

Tata Consultancy Services posts financial results

Indian multinational IT service, consulting, and business solutions company Tata Consultancy Services is expected to post its third-quarter financial results for 2019-20.

Since 2016 the firm has managed the computer systems of British Airways, which has suffered multiple IT crashes as well as a cyberattack in which customer payment details were stolen.

British Airways has strongly denied that outsourcing to Tata Consultancy played any part in the IT mishaps.

Analysts expect Tata Consultancy Services’ October-December net profit rise by less than 1% to $1.1bn.

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