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March 28, 2019

Big data and analytics from European telcos has potential

By GlobalData Technology

The popularisation of big data and analytics (BDA), machine learning and AI represents a growth area for telecom operators across the European e-commerce space, as operators have access to large amounts of data from telecom service users.

Telecommunication companies already provide big data and analytics in other industry verticals, such as smart cities. For example, Tele2 Russia has prepared a report on citizen movement dynamics based on big data for the government of Moscow. The telcos’ knowledge and expertise in the smart cities’ vertical can be leveraged to provide seamless integration into the field of e-commerce.

The use of the big data and analytics, machine learning and AI will help to formulate pricing and sales strategies and will help to optimise financial and operational performance of e-businesses.

Additionally, further development of the web performance of the e-commerce sites can enhance the shopping and user experience, will help to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales rate.

Flow chart: the benefits of big data and analytics (BDA) in the e-commerce decision-making process

Source: GlobalData