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March 8, 2022

Twitter: Jeremy Allaire – Solana Pay top tweet February 2022

Solana Pay leads as Verdict lists five of the most popular tweets on CEOs in February 2022 based on data from GlobalData’s Technology Influencer Platform.

The top tweets are based on total engagements (likes and retweets) received on tweets from more than 150 CEOs tracked by GlobalData’s Technology Influencer platform during February 2022.

1. Jeremy Allaire’s tweet on the launch of Solana Pay for merchants and customers worldwide

Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of Circle, a global financial technology company, shared an article on enabling digital currency payments for merchants and customers worldwide. Circle’s Solana Pay is an open toolkit to enable USD Coin (USDC) payments settlement both online and at point of sale within seconds and at a transaction cost of less than a cent. A recent survey by financial services company Visa revealed that 73% of small businesses believe that digital payments are the next step to growth in 2022. Another 59% stated that they are currently using or planning to adopt digital payments in the next two years.

Solana Pay will facilitate near-instant settlement for USDC payments, providing access to more than $4bn in USDC currently circulating on its blockchain and more than $49bn across the entire digital asset market as of 1 February 2022. Consequently, merchants can settle and save that USDC in their Circle account, where payments and treasuries can be managed, funds can be converted into fiat, and the USDC can be sent on-chain through leading blockchain networks, the article noted.

Username: Jeremy Allaire

Twitter handle: @jerallaire

Likes: 569

Retweets: 128

2. Harry Hurst’s tweet on Pipe’s expansion into media and entertainment financing

Harry Hurst, the founder of Pipe, a fintech company, shared an article on the company’s acquisition of Purely Capital, a London-based media and entertainment financing company. The move marks the company’s expansion into media and entertainment financing, which Hurst stated was crucial for independent companies to move onto their next projects. Pipe is now looking at developing a new media and entertainment division on its platform through the acquisition, which will allow independent distributors to do business with their revenue streams similar to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.

Hurst added that $220bn was spent on streaming content in 2020 and $250bn in 2021, of which independently produced content accounted for majority of the expenditure at more than 65%. The acquisition is a huge opportunity for Pipe as it will increase the percentage of non-SaaS business users of its platform, which currently stands at about 50%, Hurst stated.

Username: Harry Hurst

Twitter handle: @harryhurst

Likes: 341

Retweets: 50

3. Jim Farley’s tweet on the Ford Mustang Mach-E being named top pick of the best cars in 2022

Jim Farley, the CEO of the Ford Motor company, tweeted on its electric Mustang Mach-E being named as a top pick of the best cars by Consumer Reports, an independent non-profit organisation. The firm listed the top ten vehicles of 2022, which beat almost 200 vehicles on parameters, such as reliability, road-test score, safety, owner satisfaction, and more. The Ford Mustang Mach-E was the only vehicle among the top picks to receive the added points for its active driver assist system that monitors the driver and gives formal warnings if the car is not being driven cautiously, the article noted.

Many top vehicles, including the BMW X5 and Hyundai Tucson, were not considered as the top picks this year as they did not have highway-speed automatic emergency braking (AEB) as a standard equipment on all trim levels. The list also excluded large trucks due to either lack of safety features on their base models or because of low reliability, the article detailed.

Username: Jim Farley

Twitter handle: @jimfarley98

Likes: 313

Retweets: 28

4. Calista Redmond’s tweet on Intel’s investment in RISC-V to fast-track RISC-V software development

Calista Redmond, the CEO of RISC-V International, a global non-profit association, shared an article on the semiconductor company Intel Corporation joining RISC-V International as a premier board member to collaborate on RISC-V intellectual property (IP) and to offer engineering expertise to accelerate its software development.

Intel’s investment in RISC-V allows further opportunities and partnerships across industries, while RISC-V’s open source approach along with the opportunity to design across domains fosters enhanced technology innovation for the hardware community and RISC-V members. The article detailed that Intel, a forerunner in the microprocessor industry, already offers Nios® V processors that are based on the RISC-V architecture. Intel’s growing investment in RISC-V will fast-track the development of open RISC-V IP and other solutions, added the article.

Username: Calista Redmond

Twitter handle: @Calista_Redmond

Likes: 154

Retweets: 72

5. Sean Duffy’s tweet on Omada Health raising $192m in funding

Sean Duffy, co-founder and CEO of Omada Health, a digital-first chronic care provider, shared an article on the company closing a $192m series E financing round to expand virtual-care services to millions of people in the US. The funding round was led by Fidelity, a financial services company, with participation from other investors including Wellington Management, Civilisation Ventures, and Perceptive Advisors.

Omada will use the funds to increase hiring at all levels to meet the excessive customer demand and to build on a technology framework to deliver better and quick health outcomes. It will also use the funds to strengthen its Omada Insights Lab platform to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions, the article highlighted.

The article further noted that the healthcare industry has been struggling with managing chronic illnesses, with 96 million US adults having been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and 37.3 million diagnosed with diabetes apart from 47% of US adults living with hypertension. Omada plans to deal with these chronic illnesses through its products and virtual care services.

Username: Sean Duffy

Twitter handle: @seanduffy

Likes: 90 Retweets: 3

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