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November 26, 2020updated 30 Nov 2020 11:46am

UCC Coffee launches its first traceable blockchain coffee

By Ellen Daniel

Coffee brand UCC Coffee has partnered with coffee trackability platform Farmer Connect to launch its first blockchain traced coffee.

The global coffee industry has a significant impact on the environment, with the intensive farming of coffee beans contributing to deforestation and the destruction of habitats.

For consumers, understanding how the coffee in their cup is produced and the environmental and welfare credentials of a particular brand is increasingly important.

Produced using coffee beans from Northern Sumatra in Indonesia and sold in the UK by Waitrose and Ocado, UCC’s Orang Utan Coffee aims to preserve the rapidly declining rainforest habitat of the Sumatran orangutan. Customers can now trace the coffee back to its origin using Farmer Connect’s platform ‘Thank My Farmer’, helping increase transparency in the supply chain.

Farmer Connect is powered by IBM’s blockchain, the same blockchain behind the IBM Food Trust, a blockchain solution working to ensure that transparency enables the expanding food system.

Thank My Farmer provides detailed information about where the product has been sourced, as well as details of projects underway to support coffee-producing communities, which can be accessed by scanning an on-pack QR code.

Paul Chang, global Leader for blockchain in the distribution and industrial markets at IBM said:

“A vast global supply chain like coffee makes it difficult for consumers to know where their products are coming from and whether the producers involved are making a living wage. farmer connect is partnering with pioneering brands like Orang Utan Coffee who are at the foreground of solving this problem, bridging the gap between consumers and the farmers who grow their coffee using innovations like blockchain.

“By being able to easily trace coffee to its source, we can help consumers and brands around the world support coffee growing regions.”

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