Nine out of ten people want the option of working from home

By Ellen Daniel

Nine out of ten people want the option of working from home at least once a week after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

In the UK, those who can work from home are currently being encouraged to do so as part of lockdown measures. According to CloudPro, Google and Facebook have extended their work from home for the rest of the year, with their workforces having the option to continue working remotely despite lockdown restrictions being lifted in parts of the US.

This is according to a survey by OnePoll, commissioned by cybersecurity PR agency Eskenzi PR, examining the general sentiment towards remote working.

The survey found that a third of workers would like to continue working from home every day or four days a week. 35% said that an ideal scenario would be to work from home for hald the week.

Just 9% of people said that they would want to work in the office full-time.

Why people want working from home to continue

The survey also examined the reasons why many would prefer to spend some of their time working from home. 54.19% said that their main motivation was to spend less time commuting, the second most popular response was to have a more relaxed working environment.

38.41% said that not having to dress up for work was a motivating factor, while 35.98% said that they could work more productively from home.

“This survey shows that for the first time ever, people have had a taste of working from home and they love it because they’re more relaxed, they don’t need to travel and can spend time with their family and pets,” said Yvonne Eskenzi, founder and owner of Eskenzi PR.

“Interestingly, a third of respondents think the ideal working week would be better spent half at home and half in the office. We can only hope that this great remote working experiment has shown employers that their staff can be trusted to work just as productively from home; particularly as it also appears to have a positive impact on their well-being as well as the environment.

“This can also be good for companies’ productivity and profitably, as they’ll need less office space with fewer people there 100% of the time.”

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