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May 12, 2021

Zoom blossoms into a complete UC&C vendor

By GlobalData Technology

During the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom was first to announce it offered its platform for free plus it provided one-click meeting access. The company became synonymous with video conferencing and usage quickly soared. Zoom’s popularity has generated challenges but the company has addressed them head-on and developed into a full-fledged UC&C vendor.

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the work environment. Enterprises have been forced to adapt with unprecedented speed to radically altered ways of doing business both internally and when engaging with customers, vendors, and suppliers. Flexible working and enhanced collaboration are now hardwired into organizations large, small and in between.

Record revenue and user growth for conferencing and collaboration platform vendors

In 2020, Covid-19 drove record revenue and user growth for conferencing and collaboration platform vendors. The pandemic also opened the eyes of many organizations to the potential of video to increase productivity between in-office and remote workers. Throughout 2021, companies will invest more heavily in video capabilities in what will become a long-term trend.

This bodes well for Zoom which became synonymous with video conferencing during the outset of the pandemic. Zoom led the pack in announcing loud and clear that users need not pay a penny to use its platform. In seemingly no time, usage soared.

How Zoom has upped its game

But Zoom’s popularity has brought challenges. The platform has faced security concerns after numerous incidents occurred of malicious users invading private meetings in acts which became labeled “Zoom Bombing”. Zoom has also suffered two major outages. Furthermore, the company has earned a reputation solely as a video provider and needs to erase its video-centric image to compete in the UC&C space.

Zoom has addressed these issues head-on. Security and performance have been enhanced to counter “Zoom Bombing” and outages. In a move bound to alter its video-only image, inroads beyond video conferencing have been made with the addition of messaging, calling, and collaboration capabilities. The company even provides conference room hardware and a hardware-as-a-service program.

On top of these corrective measures, Zoom is planning to expand its addressable market by adding either local sales support or strategic partners and resellers over time in international markets (APAC and EMEA). As a result, Zoom has emerged as a full-fledged UC&C vendor.