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February 17, 2020updated 26 Jun 2020 1:09pm

Twitter round-up: François Chollet’s tweet on open data most popular AI tweet in Q4 2019

By GlobalData Technology

Verdict lists ten of the most popular tweets on AI technology in December 2019, based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform.

The top tweets were chosen from influencers as tracked by GlobalData’s Influencer Platform, which is based on a scientific process that works on pre-defined parameters. Influencers are selected after a deep analysis of the influencer’s relevance, network strength, engagement, and leading discussions on new and emerging trends.

Top tweets on artificial intelligence in Q4 2019

1. François Chollet’s tweet on having a national open data strategy

François Chollet, a software engineer and AI researcher, tweeted on introducing having a national open data strategy to foster an ecosystem for AI startups. The influencer further added that all government data should be put behind APIs, and high quality public datasets should be sponsored.

Username: François Chollet

Twitter handle: @fchollet

Retweets: 403

Likes: 1,098

2. Ronald van Loon’s tweet on the world’s biggest economies racing to be the global AI leader

Ronald van Loon, the director of Advertisement, tweeted on on the world’s biggest economies racing to be the global AI leader. The influencer further noted that China is aiming to invest approximately $7bn in AI development by 2030, whereas in the US, AI development is being led by universities and private businesses. Meanwhile, public and private partnership will bring $200m investment in AI developments in the UK.

Username: Ronald van Loon

Twitter handle: @Ronald_vanLoon

Retweets: 231

Likes: 246

3. Vala Afshar’s tweet on artificial intelligence creating moving faces

Vala Afshar, the author of THE Pursuit of Social Business Excellence, shared a video on the development of artificial intelligence algorithms to create moving faces from an image.

Username: Vala Afshar

Twitter handle: @ValaAfshar

Retweets: 157

Likes: 361

4. Evan Kirstel’s tweet on artificial intelligencehelping to fight crime

Evan Kirstel, a top technology influencer, shared a video on how artificial intelligence is targeting shoplifters and identifying unusual human behaviour to prevent thefts. The influencer noted that software analyses the camera footage and alerts the staff based on any unusual human behaviour. Vaak is currently testing its AI software in 16 stores across Tokyo.

Username: Evan Kirstel

Twitter handle: @evankirstel

Retweets: 149

Likes: 185

5. Steven Pinker’s tweet on overhyped artificial intelligence developments

Steven Pinker, a cognitive scientist at Harvard, shared an article on how AI developments have been over reported to misinform and mislead people to believing robots can do anything, and even learn the art of cube-solving.

The article further noted that AI has been overhyped over the years; whether chatbots, medical diagnosis, fake news detectors, or driverless cars, deadlines were missed.

Username: Steven Pinker

Twitter handle: @sapinker

Retweets: 131

Likes: 357

6. Mike Quindazzi’s tweet on China putting ID cards on smartphones

Mike Quindazzi, a consultant at PwC, shared a video by the World Economic Forum on China’s initiative to speed up payments for every day transactions. Chinese tech giants, Alibaba and Tencent are competing to host the ID services. The new system in being tested in three Chinese cities.

Username: Mike Quindazzi

Twitter handle: @MikeQuindazzi

Retweets: 128

Likes: 114

7. Kate Crawford’s tweet on AI’s performance over the year

Kate Crawford, co-founder of AI Now Insttitute, shared an article on a year’s review of AI in the fourth  AI Now Symposium. The symposium highlighted issues such as the harmful forms of AI, inviting scholars, authors, and lawyers to discuss their various works.

The article further stated that the panel examined AI use cases in policing and border control, oppositions to facial recognition technology, and more.

Username: Kate Crawford

Twitter handle: @katecrawford

Retweets: 119

Likes: 214

8. Pedro Domingos’s tweet on the competence of Alibaba’s chatbots

Pedro Domingos, a professor of computer science at University of Washington, tweeted on Alibaba’s president Michael Evan’s comments on Alibaba’s operations using AI.

The influencer further noted that chatbots answered 95% of their customer queries, without whom the company would have to hire approximately 1.5m representatives.

Username: Pedro Domingos

Twitter handle: @pmddomingos

Retweets: 106

Likes: 237

9. Kirk Borne’s tweet on emerging technologies impacting industries

Kirk Borne, an astrophysicist and data scientist, shared an article on how emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain, AR and VR are being utilised in various industries.

The article further noted that AI is being used across real estate, health care, finance and insurance, retail, pharma, aerospace, energy, education, and agriculture.

Username: Kirk D Borne

Twitter handle: @KirkDBorne

Retweets: 105

Likes: 155

10. Jeff Dean’s tweet on the use of recycled phones and artificial intelligence in protecting rainforests

Jeff Dean, a computer scientist and software engineer, shared an article on how Indonesian villagers are trying out a treetop surveillance system to protect their rainforests. The system uses recycled cell phones, machine learning, and solar panels to detect illegal logging, and more.

Username: Jeff Dean

Twitter handle: @JeffDean

Retweets: 102

Likes: 307