Verdict lists the top five terms tweeted on artificial intelligence in Q1 2020, based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform. The top tweeted terms are the trending industry discussions happening on Twitter by key individuals (influencers) as tracked by the platform.

1. Machine Learning – 13,458 mentions

The contribution of machine learning in transforming retail, to knowing how to do it efficiently, helping detect Covid-19 cases and ways to combat it, and its potential use in understanding a wide variety of weather and climate problems, were some of the popular topics discussed in Q1 2020. For example, Jeremy Howard, a data scientist and entrepreneur, shared an article on how to do machine learning efficiently. For example, the article noted that calculations should not exceed 10 seconds.

In another tweet, Dr Ganapthi Pulipaka, a chief data scientist, describes how AI and machine learning can be deployed for detecting Covid-19 cases from chest radiography images, and their associated critical factors.

In other news, Jeff Dean, a computer scientist and software engineer, tweeted on how machine learning can be used to analyse weather and climate problems. He shared an image depicting how precipitation can be predicted with much finer spatial granularity than traditional physics-based models.

2. Big Data – 7,806 mentions

The popularisation of big data, and the need to focus on small data, and streaming big data becoming a top investment priority for IT leaders, were some popular topics discussed in this quarter. For example, Andrew Ng, a computer scientist and investor, shared an article on consumer internet companies with more than a billion users having popularised the usefulness of big data. The article noted the need for AI to work on small data for industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture.

In other news, Vala Afshar, a chief digital evangelist and columnist, shared an article on the investment priorities of top global IT leaders, with big data and analytics occupying the top slot with 48% of the leaders currently investing in and planning to invest in the technology. Meanwhile, 25% of the leaders were prioritising investments in streaming big data.

3. IoT – 5,990 mentions

Innovation and digital transformation with embedded technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT, was popularly discussed in Q1 2020. For example, Mike Quindazzi, a business development leader, shared a video of ten robots advancing with AI, IoT, and robotics. The influencer further tweeted on China putting wireless sensors into their workers’ head gears to understand their emotional state and increase both productivity and performance, thereby preventing mishaps and accidents.

In other news, Evan Kirstel, a top B2B influencer, discusses how Russia has developed the warfare policing bots for the police, while Ronald van Loon, the number one influencer of technologies, tweeted on drones being deployed to plant approximately 100,000 trees per day.

4. Deep Learning – 5,363 mentions

Tech innovations and deciphering new deep learning models for healthcare, were some popular artificial intelligence topics discussed during the quarter. According to Dr Sally Eaves, a professor and chief technology officer, describes how new deep learning models are helping to detect coronavirus pneumonia from CT scans.

Meanwhile, in the automotive sector, Mike Quindazzi, a business development leader, shared a video on how deep learning and LiDAR perception power autonomous vehicles. He also tweeted on violence-tracking drones leveraging AI and deep learning to identify crimes and fights and promote peace in society.

In other news, Ronald van Loon, the number one influencer of technologies, shared a video on a deep learning app that helps detect garbage from images.

5. Fintech – 3,707 mentions

Payments innovation, touch and go shopping, and how emerging technologies are impacting industries, were popularly discussed in the first quarter of the year. For example, Mike Quindazzi, a digital alliance sales leader, shared a video on how facial recognition is the latest form of payments in China. The payments kiosk scans your food and allows customers to pay through facial recognition.

Meanwhile, Ronald van Loon, the top technology influencer, tweeted on how artificial intelligence will add approximately $16 trillion to the global economy in the next decade. The article noted that financial services, retail, and healthcare will benefit the most from artificial intelligence.

In other news, Kirk Borne, a principal data scientist and astrophysicist, shared an article on how the emerging technologies are impacting industries. The article details how different technologies such as AI powered chat bots, holograms, and connected sensors are transforming sectors such as finance and insurance.