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Nvidia has invested in five AI companies: which are they?

Nvidia has disclosed ownership of shares in five AI companies focusing on use cases including self-driving trucks to medical imaging.

OpenAI faces protests for military applications, but the market is growing

OpenAI, the creator of large language model ChatGPT, is expanding into the defence sector. It is not the only AI player to do so.

Consumers do not care about augmented reality – Apple wants to change that

Augmented reality is a growing industry in the enterprise world, but retail consumers have been slow to adopt. Apple has a plan.

Can Elon Musk’s Neuralink be trusted to put chips in your brain?

Musk announced Neuralink’s first sucessful human BCI implant on Sunday, but can the company live up to the hype?

ElevenLabs achieves unicorn status but audio AI faces increased scrutiny

AudioAI, which replicates voices, can be used to create convincing deepfakes, a form of fraudulent audio or video.

Shein’s US IPO in jeopardy following Chinese cybersecurity probe

Fast fashion giant Shein is facing a cybersecurity probe from the Cyberspace Administration of China as it seeks to go public with a US IPO.

Gathering payment licences, can X transition from social media to superapp?

Musk’s X has acquired a Utah payment licence as it continues its push to expand the social media platform’s functionality.

Neuromorphic computing next key trend to watch for after generative AI

GlobalData predicts that the primary functions of neuromorphic computing will be in more human-like tasks than generative AI.

Co-bots and automatons: the divergent futures of robotics

Robots are already vital in a number of sectors, from manufacturing to retail, and their use will only grow.

US cannot return China’s e-commerce market penetration

China is the world’s largest e-commerce market, with revenue of $2trn in 2022 and a transactions value share of 34%.