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Industry takes: the importance of keeping healthcare businesses cybersecure

Industry experts weigh in on key cybersecurity dangers in healthcare following attacks on Change and Ascension.

Interview: Harbottle & Lewis partner explains how AI regulation is shaping the future of the ‘splinternet’

Emma Wright shares her legal expertise within the technology industry with Verdict, talking about the impact of AI, the Global South and data storage on global legislation.

Tamen Jadad-Garcia on holistic health, AI and patient autonomy

Author Tamen Jadad-Garcia is optimistic about the future of AI in healthcare and its ability to improve patient autonomy.

In conversation: discussing the European Parliament’s cautious embrace of AI

Pierluigi Casale, an innovation officer at the European Parliament, explains how AI is helping MEPs to work more effectively.

Meet the Lithuanian security company using AI to keep factories safe

Giedrė Rajuncė, co-founder and CEO of AI Innovations, discusses how AI can be integrated into security systems to keep businesses safe.

‘Cooperation is key’ for Three Seas critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a key concern for the Three Seas states. At an event in Vilnius, leaders discussed how collaboration could help.

The technology industry is fuelling US-China trade tensions

As US-China tensions escalate, the rest of the world becomes caught in the crossfire. What are the challenges and opportunities of this ongoing global trade dynamic?

Industry comment: what does the EU’s AI Act mean for its development?

The week after the EU’s landmark AI act was approved by the European Parliament, Verdict asks experts what it means for industry.

Apple is scrapping its electric car to focus on AI: what went wrong?

Apple’s decade-long electric car development has come to an end after years of delays and setbacks.

AI to become as important to businesses as electricity, says SoundHound COO

SoundHound’s Mike Zagorsek discusses the new lease of life that the artificial intelligence voice platform is seeing.