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US start-up Bric Drones reaches valuation of $300m

The drone market is set to reach $89.6bn by 2030 through military, industrial and domestic applications.

Apple continues shift towards India manufacturing capacity

Supply chain problems and geopolitical tensions have seen Apple move manufacturing away from China to India.

NYPD reinstates robot dogs despite negative public opinion

The NYPD announces ‘Digidog’ deployment round two.

Raspberry Pi and Sony partner on AI-enabled product development

Organisations have much to gain from AI-driven solutions, including increased productivity, greater efficiency and new revenue opportunities.

AI nurse assistant bags $5.3m to help healthcare staff shortage says its AI assistant can remove 25% of the workload from a nurse on night shifts.

Australian mayor may sue ChatGPT for defamation – experts say more are bound to follow

A ‘world first’ defamation lawsuit could be issued against ChatGPT and experts believe there is many more to come.

Autonomous delivery robot company celebrates ‘industry-first milestone’ as experts predict market growth

The autonomous delivery robot company claims they’ve achieved something no other company in the industry has.

Tesla’s racism lawsuit loss highlights worrying lack of equality in big tech, experts slam

Tesla’s racism lawsuit displays diversity issues in the tech industry.