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January 16, 2020

25 best jobs in the UK for 2020 topped by tech role

By Robert Scammell

The best jobs in the UK for 2020 have been revealed, with the position of enterprise architect taking the top spot.

That’s according to job search website Glassdoor’s 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2020 report. The site identifies the best UK jobs by considering three key factors: salary, job openings and job satisfaction.

It is the first time a technology role has come in at number one, reflecting how technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the UK.

An enterprise architect oversees an organisation’s technology strategy. Most importantly, they must ensure that technology systems are in place to support the organisation’s broader business strategy. They usually report directly to the chief information officer.

The role has the highest median salary on the list, paying an average of £75,209. Enterprise architects reported 3.9/5 for job satisfaction and there are 2,692 job openings.

Four more tech-based jobs make it into the best jobs in the UK list. DevOps engineer ranks at number five, followed by data scientist at number six.

Software engineer stands in 11th place, while data engineer is ranked as the 18th best job in the UK for the year.

The list includes 11 jobs that haven’t appeared before, such as product designer and tax manager.

The 10 best jobs in the UK for 2020

  1. Enterprise architect – £75,209
  2. Product manager – £56,195
  3. Operations manager – £45,590
  4. Business development manager – £40,677
  5. DevOps engineer – £51,000
  6. Data scientist – £45,188
  7. HR business partner – £50,139
  8. Finance manager – £60,403
  9. Delivery manager – £58,447
  10. Contract manager – £44,122

Amanda Stansell, senior economic research analyst at Glassdoor, said: “The jobs market continues to diversify as new skills emerge and new technologies change the world of work.

“As we enter a new decade for job seekers, the 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2020 aims to highlight roles that are in demand, offer desirable salaries and also give workers job satisfaction.

“Enterprise architect is the first technology role to be named the Best Job in the UK, beating marketing, finance and ops roles that have traditionally taken the top spot. With the highest salary of the 25 Best Jobs, this demonstrates that technology roles are not only offering attractive compensation but also offer an increasing level of highly-prized job satisfaction.”

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