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October 23, 2020updated 28 Oct 2020 10:27am

Biggest blockchain influencers in Q3 2020: The top individuals to follow

By GlobalData Technology

GlobalData research has found the top blockchain influencers based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Verdict has named the most influential people in blockchain on Twitter during Q3 2020.

Biggest blockchain influencers: The top ten in Q3 2020

1. Joshuwa Roomsburg (@JoshRoomsburg)

Joshuwa Roomsburg is a blockchain and digital marketing expert. He is the founder and CEO of ChainLeak.com, a website providing crypto related news, and JaxonMarketing.com, a social marketing agency.

Joshuwa specialises in developing digital marketing campaigns for top brands and athletes apart from blockchain firms such as Hurify and BEAT Token. He also provides social media marketing and website design services.

Twitter followers: 263,093

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Steven D. McKie (@Steven_McKie)

Steven D. McKie is a consultant, and the founder and CEO of Amentum, a hybrid crypto fund. He is also a contributor to CoinDesk, a platform for crypto information and news.

McKie also works as a technical advisor to computer software and internet companies such as Connext and Cent. He is the creator and host of the BlockChannel podcast that focusses on issues impacting blockchain technologies.

Twitter followers: 14,560

GlobalData influencer score: 92


3. Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis)

Balaji S. Srinivasan is a payment tech consultant currently working as an angel investor supporting new business ventures and start-ups. He also co-founded and was a board member of Coin Center, a non-profit focused on developing policies for cryptocurrencies.

Srinivasan previously served as CTO of the digital wallet platform Coinbase and as co-founder and CEO of Earn.com, which was acquired by Coinbase.

Twitter followers: 244,414

GlobalData influencer score: 79

4. Joel Comm (@joelcomm)

Joel Comm is a research and consulting professional, and the co-host of the Bad Crypto Podcast show, which deals with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is currently the brand ambassador of Believe.tv, a media production company, and marketing advisor for financial services company Coin Genius.

Comm also serves as advisor to MobiePay, a computer software company, and SoMee-Social Media Redefined, a blockchain-based social media hub.

Twitter followers: 712,275

GlobalData influencer score: 78


5. Tyler Winklevoss (@tylerwinklevoss)

Tyler Winklevoss is a payment tech consultant. He is the co-founder and CEO of Gemini, a financial services company that deals in cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as Ether and Bitcoin.

Winklevoss also serves as the principal of Winklevoss Capital, a venture capital and equity firm, and has co-founded ConnectU.com, an online community platform.

Twitter followers: 251,110

GlobalData influencer score: 73

6. Pierre Rochard (@pierre_rochard)

Pierre Rochard is a research and consulting professional. He currently serves as a bitcoin strategist at the financial services company, Kraken.

Rochard started co-hosting a podcast in 2017, before which he co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute in 2014. He specialises in Bitcoin software development and is a strong advocate of its decentralised governance.

Twitter followers: 77,964

GlobalData influencer score: 73

7. Jamie Burke (@jamie247)

Jamie Burke is a venture capitalist and the founder and CEO of a venture capital and private equity firm, Outlier Ventures. He founded Blockchain Angels, an events services company and one of the largest blockchain networks.

Prior to Blockchain Angels, Jamie served as founder and CEO of the 90:10 Group, a management consulting firm that focused on the use of technologies, social media, and data to achieve clients’ supply chain goals.

Twitter followers: 13,946

GlobalData influencer score: 72

8. Andreas M Antonopoulos (@aantonop)

Andreas M Antonopoulos is an author and speaker specialising in blockchain and bitcoin domains. He has served in various other capacities as CTO of the consulting and cryptographic management solutions company, Third Key Solutions, and partner to Nemertes Research, an advisory and consulting firm.

Antonopoulos specialises in emerging technologies and is an early pioneer of open source software.

Twitter followers: 517,586

GlobalData influencer score: 71

9. Chris Burniske (@cburniske)

Chris Burniske is a payment tech consultant and partner at Placeholder, a venture capital firm that invests in blockchain and Web 3 infrastructure. Prior to this, Chris spearheaded the development, and research around crypto assets for ARK Investment Management, a financial services company.

Burniske was also a fishmonger for supermarket chain Whole Foods Market in 2014.

Twitter followers: 126,581

GlobalData influencer score: 69

10. Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul)

Ari Paul is a blockchain consultant specialising in derivatives trading and institutional investing. He is the CIO and managing partner of BlockTower Capital, a blockchain and crypto investment company.

Paul was previously associated with the University of Chicago in different capacities as a portfolio manager and a risk specialist. He also contributes to the Cryptocurrency Investor blog on various topics related to cryptocurrencies.

Twitter followers: 142,000

GlobalData influencer score: 69